Vladimir Borovikovsky – St. Mark the Evangelist (Icon from the Royal Gates of the Central Iconostasis of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg)
Source: Vladimir Borovikovsky, “St. Mark the Evangelist (Icon from the Royal Gates of the Central Iconostasis of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg),” ca. 1804–1809, oil on canvas, 73.5 × 73.5 cm, accession number Ж-3179, The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg.

“…siroccos of pestilent tongues / establish their /
sweating perspective…”

—from “Unprotected Sex on the Desk of an Esteemed Assyriologist” (2016.161)

Target Practice for the Blind 2016.001
Lilith (Read Me Without Danger) 2016.002
The Oath of Hypocrites 2016.003
To Relinquish the Sword for the Ring 2016.004
He Blew (t)His Milky Way 2016.005
Black and White and Red All Over (Hymn Sheet of Horrors) 2016.006
Erratica 2016.007
James Bondage 2016.008
Sundown of a Blank Stare 2016.009
A Mirror for Princes 2016.010
Where the Compass Rows 2016.011
Danger on a Doorman’s Breath 2016.012
What Scandal Drips into the Ear of Eve 2016.013
The Killing Tree 2016.014
The Fool of My Own Wishes 2016.015
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 2016.016
Falling Hard 2016.017
Hell’s Kitchen 2016.018
To the Legs at Table 38 in the Uffizi Gallery Café 2016.019
Kith and (s)Kin 2016.020
Autohagiography 2016.021
Feuchter Tag 2016.022
Narcissus Without a Mirror 2016.023
The Infidelity of Felicia Saint-Pierre 2016.024
Accidental Spotlight 2016.025
Where It Went, I Went Past 2016.026
Dirt or Deity? 2016.027
Filth Causes Imbalance of the Humours 2016.028
Bedroom Burial Ground 2016.029
After the Flood 2016.030
Through the Black Forest (On the Treasure Trail) 2016.031
The Evidence of Asterisks 2016.032
Tributary 2016.033
Untitled Kingdom 2016.034
Errant Nights (Pilgrims in an Unholy Land) 2016.035
On the Sale by Auction of a Portrait of the Author, Purchased by a Former Lover 2016.036
Inscription for a Funerary Urn in Which Repose the Remains of a Better Poem 2016.037
The Ephemeral Election 2016.038
We’ll See How the Sky Catches Fire 2016.039
Honey Trap 2016.040
The Tenth Muse 2016.041
Sui Generis 2016.042
Weeping at the Well 2016.043
Clubbed to Death 2016.044
An Imagination with a Long Tail 2016.045
At the Foot of Integrity 2016.046
Heroes in the Underworld 2016.047
The Province of Sleep 2016.048
At Some Cost and Great Trouble 2016.049
Full Coitus 2016.050
Men Eating Men 2016.051
Typography and Tyranny 2016.052
On the Door of a Lavatory along Interstate 40 2016.053
Where the Storm Drives Me 2016.054
In the Text of Your Hand 2016.055
Diamond & Dagger 2016.056
Offer Me (A Little Dishonesty) 2016.057
To Burn Always Hard, with a Gem-Like Flame 2016.058
The Very Act of Observing Something Changes It 2016.059
Minus 40 2016.060
Jagged Little Pixels 2016.061
The Importance of Seeing the Skull beneath the Skin 2016.062
Inner City Memo 2016.063
Dialogue Between a Sodomite and a Fornicator 2016.064
Silence and Sirens 2016.065
When the Past Asks Something of the Present 2016.066
Orpheus and the Liar 2016.067
Fire Oaths 2016.068
Without God or Guardian 2016.069
A Day without Death 2016.070
Better Than Money 2016.071
The Consequence of Wanting 2016.072
Fingers to the Bone 2016.073
Deified & Defiled 2016.074
A Prison of Short Sentences 2016.075
Serial Papist 2016.076
Well of Soles 2016.077
Your Beauty Is More Proof of God Than I Need 2016.078
Counterfeits of the Heart 2016.079
Silk Rabbit 2016.080
Agony in the Garden 2016.081
In the Court of the Heroine Sheikh 2016.082
The Drowning in Babel Blues 2016.083
Ashes Where Once There Was Fire 2016.084
In the Blindness of Electric Light, Under the Rose of Their Closed Eyes and Minds 2016.085
Harlotry & Heliolatry 2016.086
Fundamentally Unlovable 2016.087
Nine Layers Beneath Æther 2016.088
The Embalmer’s Apprentice 2016.089
Whispers from the Edge 2016.090
Between Men & Apostles 2016.091
Taking the Low out of Lonely 2016.092
Holy of Holies 2016.093
Graveyard of Empires 2016.094
Artillery in the Art Gallery 2016.095
A Manual for Gaining Human Fame 2016.096
Φυκ (The Dead Metaphors) 2016.097
Personæ Ungrateful 2016.098
Apex & Aphelion 2016.099
Le temps détruit tout 2016.100
Cursive Lightning 2016.101
Odalisque 2016.102
Love and Other Pseudosciences 2016.103
On the Lips of Saints 2016.104
Towers of Silence 2016.105
The Perfume of Tarantulas 2016.106
Paint Some Life on the Corpse 2016.107
The Temptation of Desdemona Hendricks 2016.108
Follow the Path of the Lightning & Bolt! 2016.109
Jacob’s Lather 2016.110
A Televisionary Life 2016.111
Sunrise in a Blizzard 2016.112
Sand & Blood 2016.113
The Daguerreotypist 2016.114
Blind Beyond My Years 2016.115
Tomb of the Lovers 2016.116
In the Season of Sweet Sighs 2016.117
Freedom within Boundaries 2016.118
This Conversation Never Happened 2016.119
A River Uphill 2016.120
Until the Inquisition Catches Up with Me 2016.121
Somewhere between a Prayer and a Doubt 2016.122
Where Water Walks on Us 2016.123
On Going to a Steakhouse after Shopping for Sex Toys 2016.124
Black Tar Rose 2016.125
A Mermaid in Its Vanity 2016.126
Eat the Mirror 2016.127
Mark of the Beast 2016.128
Kid Gloves 2016.129
American Literalism 2016.130
Bright Lights & Poison 2016.131
The Gargoyle of Argyle 2016.132
The Last of the Laudanum 2016.133
Pain Gives Way to Peace 2016.134
Under the Weight of a Single Tear 2016.135
To Make War on the Saints 2016.136
Simoom & Sirocco 2016.137
Bête noire 2016.138
Inexplicabilia 2016.139
A Time to Refrain from Embracing 2016.140
Shock & Applaud 2016.141
Misanthropologia 2016.142
Shameless Grace 2016.143
Bawdy Count 2016.144
Light Turns to Stone 2016.145
To Traffic with the Devil Is to Pay His Price 2016.146
Where the Willow Does Not Weep 2016.147
Fire in the Age of Lightning 2016.148
Promontory Palace 2016.149
A Desert Traveler Who Has Become Very Rich 2016.150
Pleasure in Exile 2016.151
Making It 2016.152
Double Track Harmony 2016.153
Waiting for What Gabriel Brings 2016.154
Waterless Places 2016.155
Two Dudes 2016.156
Three Shades of Night Fall 2016.157
Hell-Moths & Hot Mouths 2016.158
Goëtia 2016.159
Androcles 2016.160
Unprotected Sex on the Desk of an Esteemed Assyriologist 2016.161
Sisyphus & Samsara 2016.162
A Sacrifice in the Calm of Dawn 2016.163
Kissed by a Prick 2016.164
Lighting Lanterns on a Leaning Tower 2016.165
If Foes Be Food in Hell 2016.166