Kid Gloves

                              i. Touch

Milk along taut copper weeps
          when someone wants softer silk,
          spills upon hot laughter seas

     still until what’s futile creeps,
          then floodgates its desire with
          milk; along taut copper weeps

     this response that answers each
          hand’s open palm before it
          spills upon hot laughter seas

     of answered prayers fathers teach
          kids against; this habit thick
          milk along taut copper weeps,

     this evil no devil speaks
          of, shaking fists until hell
          spills upon hot laughter seas

     his filthy thoughts release; seed
          not jerking off only kills,
          milk along taut copper weeps—
          spills upon hot laughter seas.

                              ii. Go

What children want, reason seeks
          to silence—to deny them,
          to quiet—since questions teach

     and trying just corrupts; things
          their parents once wondered, sin—
          what children want, reason seeks

     with vagrant eye, stealing peace
          those moments when keeping it
          too quiet sends questions t’each,

     when subjects too honest need
          some wrestling with; because then
          what children want, reason seeks

     and reason takes—knowledge reeks
          of candour kept secret, scent
          to quiet since questions teach

          a freedom too fragrant, bleeds
          truth even sin cannot quench—
          what children want, reason seeks
          to quiet—since questions teach.