The Consequence of Wanting

When you’re using words as weapons
                    you can’t be surprised when
they’re used against you, denying
                    the battle only proves
you can’t handle the truth when all
                    you do leaves them unmoved,

those people whose views of freedom
                    include obedience
to fallen stars they’re ‘following,’
                    falling at their feet to
offer constellations a pile
                    of Gs blown minds can use

to refuel lime-lit gods, their crowns
                    funded by crowds walking
confused through a Universe none
                    can tune into, those fools
too consumed by consumption, called
                    ‘cool’ when they clique and choose

to all download self-destruction,
                    making ‘social’ what once
was so personal, kids making
                    a killing of themselves
‘retweetable,’ Millennials
                    deleting all knowledge

previous centuries’ free hands
                    had crafted, believing
‘texts’ to be messages sent down
                    from ‘the cloud,’ ‘likes’ a noose
rendering machine-readable
                    ev’rything but the truth—

that these tools are the ones being
                    used, clicking past caution
too soon, virtual beings drawn
                    to imitations of
themselves, false gods incapable
                    of creation, bedroom

rock stars tarnishing with rusting
                    resilience our brilliant
songs, the consequence of wanting
                    talent giving them few
options, and us too, but to call
                    on what once was ‘brand new,’

talking ‘offline,’ ‘in-real-life,’ in
                    words, with ‘contact’ meaning
locked eyes, ætherizing opened
                    minds not with ‘views,’ but wounds
of ideas leaving critical
                    heads unaccustomed to

literature, something no one
                    had ever once listened
to or ‘loaded’ before, a gun
                    my kind uses, we few
who refuse to ‘go digital,’
                    metaphors that we ‘shoot.’