Sui Generis

                    i. Impetus

A love of its own kind
          sweating down
     civilization’s shaft
          past ancient
     mathematics letting
          down modern
     circumstances with terms
     anachronism’s certain
          to find worth
     less than perfection’s first
     I find you spent, shells strewn
          all over
     your body’s temple where
          nature asks
     to be reverenced, past
          poisoned paths
     dangerous tongues dart and
          darkness drowns,
     I travel there, I stop.

                    ii. Imperium

Unaware of your wealth,
          you swallow
     earth, unfortunate growth
          of truant
     hours turned to centuries
          weighting down
     your mouth, a thick forest
     burdening your talent
          with words thrown
     out like coffin lid moans
          storm my ears,
     burn my throat, I repeat
          them without
     abandoning my throne
          for your own,
     surfacing from wet dreams
          what I dig,
     your deep love spills this ink.

                    iii. Expertus

Into palms I call home,
          filling voids
     with come-hithers I think
          will send out
     vibes and hopes a doting
     will get and care about,
          I send out
     sacrilege, blasphemous
          doubt, shouting
     verse that subverts your truth
          for too long
     you’ve been living, too long
          without me,
     to love without fear I
          write, I send
     this poem, since loving
          our kind tends
     to divide wide our worlds
          I now write.