Kith and (s)Kin

Dividing her legs as she conquers my heart,
     my nemesis sister uninhibited,
     lifting up her veil, not knowing where I’ll start,
     wets her lips as they part, whispering wishes
     for unlimited cravings literature
     cannot answer, yet I write out these verses,
     hopeful my words will fulfill her, spilling art
     into her where others could not manage it,
     since it’s a brother’s tongue love fires like a dart.

Cupiding her thoughts as need overcomes want,
     sweet revenge sends its hurt once my licking up
     throws down in fits her clenched fists, getting off hard
     the parts of her where family’s formed, places
     too often by others left nameless, ignored
     for want of truth, since words pervert silence’s
     misuse of itself, pause intended for scars
     to heal and mend, breaths to be taken in, if
     she needs rest from getting laid like a brickyard.

Aligning our stars as we drop, warnings aren’t
     precautious enough to stop us, edited
     versions of ourselves cannot be kept apart,
     no, we’re precocious and defiant at best,
     colliding like planets when behind closed doors,
     behind our parents’ backs, we scratch the surface,
     searching deeply and servicing each other
     before we sleep, seeking to recover what
     innocence hides under lip-prints and bite-marks.

Confining our efforts to one house, dance-cards
     are useless to census worlds inhabited
     solely by two dark souls having-at-it, arms
     and eyes locked as we spiral like dervishes,
     grinding to enlightenment, blighting what more
     reserved siblings find frightening but wish was
     encouraged, citing as cure for blindness our
     defiance, dying to try it themselves, that
     prying open of sisters by their brothers.