Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez – Vulcan’s Forge
Source: Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez, “Vulcan’s Forge,” 1630, oil on canvas, 223 × 290 cm, accession number P001171, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid.

“…among the ravenous / envious who voyeur our work…”

—from “Bohemia in Absentia (2020.001)

Bohemia in Absentia 2020.001
A Thing of Flesh and Feathers 2020.002
The Saint Who Bleeds Ink 2020.003
Night (As Viewed Through a Window) 2020.004
Squatting Like a Harlot at the Crossroads 2020.005
Adumbrations of the Light 2020.006
Unzipping Flies 2020.007
Heaven Joins with Fire 2020.008
Yesterday’s Nudes 2020.009
Prayers on My Lips 2020.010
Halfway to a Metaphysics 2020.011
Extracting the Thorn 2020.012
Accidental Ascetic 2020.013
Art as Cure, Pomegranate as Grenade 2020.014
Ouroboric Tales 2020.015
Ablation 2020.016
Jonny Quatrain (Out Calls Only) 2020.017
Al-ʾIksīr / الإكسير 2020.018
Sailing Past the Siren-Islands 2020.019
Purging the Liturgy 2020.020
Passing From the Familiar Room 2020.021
Polar Surge (Solar Purge) 2020.022
On My Beggar Knees 2020.023
Avra K’Davra (I Create as I Speak) 2020.024
Milk in the Mirror 2020.025
Above the Abyss (Of Knowledge Beyond Reason) 2020.026
Hazarded Majesty 2020.027
A Corner Where Rumours Meet 2020.028
Fructuous 2020.029
The Huntsman’s Quarry 2020.030
Flight by Night 2020.031
Permutations 2020.032
Song of Ascents 2020.033
Viscous Cycle 2020.034
Worse Than Legal 2020.035
A House the Colour of Money 2020.036
Magia Sexualis 2020.037
Die Rosa-Winkel 2020.038
Sapphic Sisters 2020.039
Arschficker 2020.040
Illusions of Glamour 2020.041
Gnostic Gullible 2020.042
Where No Moth Comes to Devour and No Worm Destroys 2020.043
Logoi Sophōn 2020.044
Crying Fire in the Deluge 2020.045
Anatomy of the Body of God 2020.046
Critical Mass 2020.047
Aries Ascending 2020.048
Untransubstantiated 2020.049
Chiron the Oneironaut 2020.050
Vulgar Banditry 2020.051
Witching the Water 2020.052
Intifāḍa 2020.053
Reverse Delta 2020.054
Rushing Upon the Blade 2020.055
Eclogue 2020.056
De haut en bas 2020.057
A Dashing of Feet Against Stones 2020.058
Grind & Get-Up-On 2020.059
Varlet Scapegrace 2020.060
Ego Sum Acies 2020.061
Amphora 2020.062
when god is going on (when is what is going on god and when is it not?) 2020.063
Cyanide by Streetlight 2020.064
Time Has No Alibi 2020.065
To Worship Within Windowless Walls 2020.066
Oceans Will Be the New Borders 2020.067
Sojourners in a Waking Dreamscape 2020.068
Coins of Eyes Which Envy the Moon’s Counterfeit Light 2020.069
Cassiel 2020.070
Speculum (Filled Within by God, So That the Beholding Is Turned Into the Soul) 2020.071
Pale From the Imagined Love of Solitary Beds 2020.072
Polluted by Glory 2020.073
Whose Elusive Truth Bruises Through This Flesh? 2020.074
Stemming the Rose, Pitting the Cherry, Casting the Stone 2020.075
13th Tribe 2020.076
Gardening Eden 2020.077
Whispers Thicken Into Echoes 2020.078
Librorum Prohibitorum 2020.079
Autoheresiography (Following the Spirit, Not the Letter) 2020.080
Constellations Hanging Stars Like Lanterns in the Borderlands of Horizons 2020.081
Triskelion 2020.082
Shemhazai & Istehar 2020.083
Dust in the Jewelled City 2020.084
Dürable Diable 2020.085
A Conspiracy in Practice, Not Theory 2020.086
Splinters of Ivory 2020.087
Thunder in Places of Rest 2020.088
Foraging for Wealth in Forests of Riches Which Burn Pages of Debts for Their Sweet Fragrance (Incensed) 2020.089
Blind Enemies Envious of Our Tongues 2020.090
Flesh in the House of Spirit 2020.091
Damnatio Memoriæ 2020.092
Iconographer Contemplating a Nimbus 2020.093
A Sponge of Purple Ink Weighted with Bitter Taste 2020.094
Stitched with Flame 2020.095
August Spring 2020.096
Halfway Between Bedlam and Babylon 2020.097
Tabernacle with Two Altars 2020.098
Engaged in Flames 2020.099
Psychopompous (Until Dust Chokes Their Veins) 2020.100
Not Forgiving In 2020.101
Sescenti Sexaginta Sex 2020.102
Platonic Solids 2020.103
Frothing the Garden 2020.104
Proximity Awareness 2020.105
A Symbol for Something That You Don’t Know (Invariable) 2020.106
Shovels & Prayers 2020.107
Disappear Into Disrepair 2020.108
Edifice of Fists 2020.109
This Way to the Egress 2020.110