Freedom within Boundaries

               A life served as a sentence,
eaten with weapons dulled by
mechanical reverence
to your ideal, for stealing
a glance at your weakness I
am condemned, blind servitude
a meal you decree, lovers
               prepared to feed on needing
               as I carry my sword like
a dancer, using it like
an assassin when first-love
choreographs a path through
my heart, a lost art works its
hidden head into mine, my
mind filling with passion which,
               if kept too long inside, will
               me, so I move, each moonlit
curve of my body a slice
of truth, since grooving feet do
not lie, but men dancing proves
there exists within them both
an antidote for those nights
of violence between them,
               chivalrous silence bends toes,
               calls us by our proper names
kindles that same flame your clenched
fists never can handle, same
fear, different century
as your demons deface these
moments we spend defeating
what crippling flickering of
               freedom within boundaries
               anticipate, creating
without justification
an excuse your shame reasons
demands such intolerance,
and so feasting on false calm
as tempests without warning
do, let my pirouettes pierce
               illusions we wanted to
               when greed seemed better suited
to you than companionship,
an advantage to being
imprisoned by undeclared
love is that it dares cowards
to profess its existence,
in spite of history’s long
               denial of their power.