Double Track Harmony


     Lust is not the engine that purrs,
it is the engine that always breaks down,
     tears the sound shed, dripping like clouds
of smoke, the harsh sound of choking the song
     those beasts sing who believe in flesh
and not their hearts, trust in grease the fatal flaw
     and cause of what death greets d(r)ivers
whose hardest thrusts leave efforts at love stalled,
     cruising for f(r)iction what strips parts
of their use, making fools of those who act
     smooth, that crew of crows who play fast
and lose, foregoing truth to choose pain, crash-
     and-burn the only way they fly,
as if getting and staying high
     were a noble aim, the race rigged.


     When gravity forgets to hold
us down, when our clenched fists unfold somehow
     and trembling hands hold each other
in the undertow, that’s when I know we’ve
     never really been alone, this
flow of freedom to let go, and you chose
     me when I never understood
how to show you to push against the world’s
     rushing storm pushing us out, wind
and in our sin’s arms it just grows, this warmth
     aglow when we blow through seas no
others know, showing each other the way
     as we blow each other, bawling
waterfalls, lips together and thighs raw,
     bruised with love as we call, ‘Get off!’