Jono Borden

Jono Borden is a Canadian poet whose range extends raucously beyond his country’s sedate landscape in global pursuit of waking readers with his visceral vigour, shouting verse philosophical, transgressive, and lyrical.

Melding character-driven commentary of the contemporary condition with an appropriation of historical meter and rhyme, Jono’s unapologetic narrative has been getting him noticed.

George Elliott Clarke hails him as “brazen,” going so far as to compare Borden to Byron, Blake, Laforgue, Dylan, Cohen, and even Hendrix; likening him to a “great, rock songsmith,” saying of Jono, “Dude’s got guts!”

A defiant individualist whose DIY ethic lends an innate and subversive “punk rock” vibe to his work, Borden continually struts the boundary between “high” and “low” art, seeking to blur the two.

He published his first book, Simple Simony, in 2013 and wrote Isaac & Iskandar after seeing a lavishly illustrated Persian manuscript depicting Alexander the Great (Eskandar) visiting Mecca.