“A wound withdrew its evidence / of sentiment, detached itself / from illusions of relevance / ran from convenient confusion, / founded a movement bands have since / proven true…”

To Suffer an Eclipse

“The alembic of mindfulness / has fallen to hard pavement, all / mysticism of awareness gone, / its calling on us to be kings, / priests, and prophets has…”

The Gospel of Lazarus

“Your rough beast devours our child in the cradle / fangs of light extinguishing lanterns / of shadows faint as flame hanging around spent / candles, ash lingering…”


“Waiting for you under the moon / Sagittarian sarabandes / caravanning through abandoned / forests prove to those who discourse / with fools that magic truly works // choruses of…”

Necromancy Drew

‘flames always thirsting for freedom, / the only liberty artists / have is to live differently, / victims of the very system which // makes them all famous, the…”

Wechsler 145 (WAIS-IV)

“Truly, I can’t take seriously / the threats of anyone who uses / “fucking” as an adjective and as / every other word, unperturbed / by idiocy and myself…”