Librorum Prohibitorum

“Listen in, rest assured, / servitors, familiars, / infamy’s tendency / to make books powerful / stirs the wings of rumour // to serve every lewd / author’s true ambition, / his…”

Whispers Thicken Into Echoes

“Whispers thicken into echoes / those pulse-quickening promises / listened to in the shadows by / lovers whose necks go limp letting // nameless faces lick them. Phrases taint…”

Gardening Eden

“Fear is just a symbol / for your ignorance to / wear so that it feels hands / round its neck none will hold, // that cold marble column…”

13th Tribe

“Love and hatred magnify the most / trivial things, intense / intent hitting them with the hidden / wisdom of passion, shared / idioms working in differing / media butting…”