Et con.

“He wanted to box until dawn / but, shaded by night, he ran like / a fox with his gloves off, et con. / until called upon by…”


“Under a tide, echoes of footsteps above, / prophetic soles astride shoals gushing gospels / others have mistaken for miracles, for / cures wading in ills impatience obscures…”

Deuteronomy Jones

“Scatter your damage, you who walk crosses / middle-finger-up, sauntering among / passing saints, strutting down the track trodden / with the fallen’s marks, not-giving-a-fuck, / I’ve had the…”


“Extremes meet, chains link, when you bend / to my whim, gripping that fence on / your knees, little keys in my hands // when I fiddle with…”

All the Tongues of Babel

“More is hidden than is seen / crib-death’s fangs incapable / of eating through heaven’s gates / or peripatetic spleens / Cain’s own children fabled by // fate to make…”

A Wolf at the Gate

“The last enemy to be destroyed / is death, insidious as mould’s cotton breath / wrapping itself, with all the unrelenting / indiscretion of any incestuous / uncle’s smug…”

Ephesia Grammata

“Plutarch reports that the Magi / those sages of Biblical fame / instructed tormented victims / of demonic possession to / recite with fervid reverence // the Ephesia Grammata / sorcerer-kings…”