Bête noire

“A poet bares his soul for the soulless, / sharing shards of his wreck with the reckless / as his heretofore untold crimes of lies / torn from…”


Simoom & Sirocco

“A plague of winds descends on men, / creaking cedar splits, marks the spot, / buries what soft whispers caution // against, secrets dropped, lost in sand / moments…”


The Gargoyle of Argyle

“Permissible slips of little / secrets keep his circulation / fed, journalists accountable / to no one so he just makes them / crave lies he spins, dazed Rapunzels…”


Bright Lights & Poison

“Blind, ambitious—I am vicious— / the misunderstood-but-championed darling / of the bi-curious/vicarious set, / never wishing-I’d-never-said- / that, aware of my talent and / so uninhibited, without having to / answer…”