Expecting Rejection

“Strangers talking about love prove how / not having enough causes one to succumb to / gossip, that speaking against its flourish keeps from / experiencing its nourishment…”


“am I above or below this? / within or without its vicious / circle’s protective constriction? / conjuring a demon, my heart’s / desire, or scrawling fiction? if / the…”

Both & Neither

“stranded & strangled, rescue me from the shadows / of my own secrecy, two more lifetimes here / and a tumor will be my only way out / of…”

Libido Sciendi

“Affectionate exodus, this / unmentionable dejection / advantaging itself of us, / defiling expectations with / an unsolicited glimpse, an / apocryphal apocalypse / still untranslated, yet fatal // unread, silent warnings…”


“Approaching life’s end at world’s edge, / where Atlas unloads his burden / and Katla’s craggy shores fit like // the dextrous fingers of some desperate / skeleton’s inveterate…”

Bleu sur bleu

“Against a wall, annual reigns / fall to allow riders to be / swallowed by what we all call Fate’s / troubling pace, throwing to their face / kings…”

Taking on Wonder

“A boat is a floating equation, / a navel basin worth gazing, a craft guiding / its disciples, overflowing with / questions giving birth to yet more questions…”