“A scalding of water follows / her daughters like a funeral’s / family car, tears trailing desolate / skid-marks laid there by squealing wheels // barreling through abandoned parking…”

Orison of Seven Words

“Sometimes god happens fast, illuminating // life’s manuscript before shadows can / pass over it, before voyeurs with scarlet- / scarred eyes can eclipse all morals, cross // the rubric’s…”

The Mercy Squirt

“All the village’s idiots are at my door / and ink runs from my hands like blood / from a fugitive does—pour your tears into my…”

Bawdy Gods

“Stop interrupting me / while I’m interrupting you / let’s fuck like we’re lovers, not husbands // put down your weapon / and listen when I sharpen / my quill…”

Coin of the Realm

“An inheritance of arrogance / that taught us not to weep, but to keep / each our heart’s silence, finally speaks— // an underwhelming exchange of st(r)rained / glances…”