Le temps détruit tout

“Twins, sealed missives impossible to open, / men’s appeals will expire before consciousness / can comprehend what sins my wet lips conceal, / sloth-toed petitioners show facsimile / convictions…”


Apex & Aphelion

“Unclaimed territory terrifies me, / unwritten stories lacking character / implore my trespass where forests author / darker misfortune than I can conjure, / pulling hard to their damp…”


Personæ Ungrateful

“Nemesis Fame with his son Luck / dressed as Sacred and Profane Love, / costumed themselves one electric / night so provocatively in / neon-bright, skin-tight mysteries— / as often…”


Holy of Holies

“Poetry is that purple-throated girl / out of whom we pull forth words like pearls from / oysters, always ready to be formed, turned / in our palms…”