“I am the fading son of / eleven centuries of / sacred geometry, attentive / and expressionless as a sentry, / boxed in by misery and / misunderstanding under- // estimating…”

Let Us Compare Anatomies

“Sparks of compliments fly from your tongue / like songs thrown from a silversmith’s blunt / hammer, puns hitting my ear, thunder / to drum, as your dulcimer…”

Ignotum per Ignotius

“Written with thorns pulled from the dark / side of passion, an epistle / and a treatise concerning things / incomprehensible, in two / parts entitled, On Fasting by…”

Scratches in the Wax

“Love it is that two souls, / when seeking their own reflection, / greet before noon sundown’s / shadow thrown long, wading in its / wintered mouth as both…”

Boned Oracles

“Scorched with scorn, don’t mourn me when I’m gone, / when I’ve outgrown your porcelain world, / cracking through its whining cunt smiling, / fist-pumping and defiant, punching…”

Punish the Curious

“Who will love me when I’m not entertaining / or brilliant? When my talent’s fading and / isn’t taken like my third act’s last breath by / a…”

Alkahest: Or, Fiery Love

“A contrabanned heart black-marketed / like a blood-dried diamond, / this Sisyphean boulder / incapable of being moved, pried / open, or valued until / broken, a contrarian / caricature self-assured…”