Prayer in Reverse

“When moved by a work of art, that / means we have discovered an artist who / thinks and feels like us, inherent / colloquy leading us // out…”

Bleu cendres

“Turn the ashes into a smile, / cinders hinting upon truth snow / smoke while sitting next to nothing, / hiding the pile, wiping away / the moral from…”

In Deutero

“Me moving on & you showing up / digs from rock’s bottom what we chucked / out after letting go, threw up / under rubble the rebels know / hides…”

Die Letzten Tage

“Seven minutes in heaven / and I’m underwater when / you let go, choking to hold // that hand, to wrap my body / and spirit around the breeze…”


“It begins with an act, / putting a lamp in a cabinet, / fire in a basket, seed / in your hand, then fingering into / a womb your…”