An Unfailing Fable

“Indescribable joy befalls me, / felling my weak-kneed spirit with all / the manifold swiftness of a plague, / or an unholy war’s worst airborne / illness, devastating my…”

Cerebral Cortés

“A mind of unpolished copper / eyes, once oxidized, no longer / shines with life’s bright lustre, but rusts— // splinters of envious emeralds man should have / realized…”

New Wine in Old Skins

“Wine jugs roll through envious streets / lined with lion-jawed locals whose / mouths, drier than smokeless fire, call / out to the East, seeking to wake / from…”

Fastidious & Furious

“You blaspheme as you bless me, feasting / on my meatamorphoseas— / eating of what my hand’s creating, / taking from bathymetry / with Baphomet(r)ic swiftness my deaths— / trawling…”