Simon Vouet – Saint Jerome and the Angel
Source: Simon Vouet (1590–1649), “Saint Jerome and the Angel,” circa 1622–1625, oil on canvas, 144.8 × 179.8 cm (57 × 70 25/32 in.), Samuel H. Kress Collection, accession number 1961.9.52, National Gallery of Art, Washington.

“…thirst opens their grave / as jackals surround them…”

—from “Truth Heard in the Wind” (2015.019)

A Prisoner under Every Regime 2015.001
To Add a Story to the Tower of Babel 2015.002
Kisses like Little Fists 2015.003
Buried in the Most Perfect Oblivion 2015.004
By the Sky Full of Returning 2015.005
Dancing like Hieroglyphics, the Truth at Twenty-One Is Enough to Subdue Some with Its Metaphysics 2015.006
Sibyl Twilight 2015.007
Mariana’s Trench 2015.008
Companions of the Cave 2015.009
No Star Wears a Veil 2015.010
Every Colour of Sound Ashes Where Once They Were Fire 2015.011
A Hundred and Twenty Talents 2015.012
Chicago in May 2015.013
A Heart That Is Distant Creates a Wilderness around It 2015.014
Tall Tales and Appellatia 2015.015
Homeland Security 2015.016
Beneath the Eyes and Ears of the World 2015.017
Lives That Outlive Quotation 2015.018
Truth Heard in the Wind 2015.019
Falling for the Mourning Star 2015.020
Pierced but Pure 2015.021
To Love the Pitcher Less and the Water More 2015.022
To the Beloved in a Bathhouse 2015.023
Down the Barrel 2015.024
Innocence Kills 2015.025
If I Should Be so Fortunate to Find This Wanderer Again 2015.026
This Is the Path of the Sun’s Journey by Night 2015.027
Eating the Garnish 2015.028
A Legend in My Own Mind 2015.029
Lines on Hearing That Mrs. Ashdown Was Ill 2015.030
Praise the Load 2015.031
SAMO 2015.032
Volumes of Echoes 2015.033
The Dolls of Dresden Row 2015.034
Blue-Eyed Bayou 2015.035
Argonaughtyca 2015.036
Poisoned Boys & Cures for Narcissism 2015.037
Sown in the Seven Achers 2015.038
Virgin Vault 2015.039
The Eve of Red Tuesday 2015.040
To Pasargadae (Between Two Thrones and Heaven) 2015.041
Born Digital 2015.042
On the Road to Ruin 2015.043
Forced Sorcery/Pay the Sage 2015.044
Cargo for Kindling 2015.045
Baggage to Burn 2015.046
7×5 (Uncut) 2015.047
The Return of Miss Hypatia Leigh 2015.048
How Deep Is My Well 2015.049
A Night as Long as a Forest’s Path 2015.050
Silent Alarm 2015.051
On Shoulders like Ours (The Burden of Poets) 2015.052
On Rising Thirsty from a Vision of Mrs. Ashdown Watering Blossoms in Her Conservatory 2015.053
Bringing Volcanoes to the Hills 2015.054
My Inheritance of Storms 2015.055
In Bed at the Adlon 2015.056
To a Dutchman on Finding My Notebook 2015.057
Biting the Dog 2015.058
A Séance of Rhythms 2015.059
Swallowing Lightning 2015.060
Cloudburst 2015.061
Prussian Blues 2015.062
Back on the Horse 2015.063
Close Your Mouth and Open Your Mind 2015.064
Not Two Hairs Alike 2015.065
Live and Let Go 2015.066
A Love That’s Quadraphonic 2015.067
Coming Down 2015.068
Intermission 2015.069
To My Old Master 2015.070
Tramontana 2015.071
A Headline Does the Thinking for You 2015.072
Orchids for Breakfast 2015.073
A Portrait of a Man a Few Minutes Long, Twenty-Eight Years Wide 2015.074
Head over Heils 2015.075
My Vulture and My Rock 2015.076
On Rising Hard, Pressed for Words, Having Dreamt Again of Mrs. Ashdown 2015.077
In Response to Mrs. Ashdown, Who Asked the Poet If He Might Sometime Paint Her Face? 2015.078
Blind Men Tracing the Circle 2015.079
The Hole Is Where the Heart Is 2015.080
Shake the Thunder from the Sky 2015.081
Eternal Spirit of the Chainless Mind 2015.082
War of the Words 2015.083
Fields of Heather 2015.084
Pasteural 2015.085
Kissing the Wound 2015.086
Head Shots by Zapruder 2015.087
No Light in Heaven 2015.088
The Weapon of Art 2015.089
Dénouemonument (Destruction Is Imminent) 2015.090
Hearts of Iron, Tears of Ink 2015.091
Poets (We Do Li[n]es) 2015.092
Virgin Lightning and the Invisible Crime 2015.093
An Æsthetics of the Dying Sun 2015.094
When the Soul’s Been Widowed 2015.095
Out of Time into Eternity 2015.096
L’Homme 100 têtes (homme sans tête) 2015.097
Knocking at an Open Door 2015.098
Two Illuminations 2015.099
Without a Sin, Without a Victim 2015.100
Now, Here as I Am 2015.101
Audiotrocity 2015.102
The Printer’s Devil Marked Me for an Author 2015.103
Liberty Shears the Sheeple 2015.104
Love Is His Own Avenger 2015.105
‘I Am Afraid/I Am a Fraud’ 2015.106
Love Dwells Not in Our Will 2015.107
Electric Lamb 2015.108
Poor Orphans Abandoned in the Forest of the Universe 2015.109
To Save a Soul from the Mirror 2015.110
Torching the Psalms 2015.111
Tauroctony 2015.112
True Romantics 2015.113