Lighting Lanterns on a Leaning Tower

Fags and flames
          go together like bondage and leather

flags burning
          to ash these red asses we pound, blueballed

(m)embers thrown
          out for growing phoenix-tails, more often

found face-down
          chugging it double-fisted, gifted with

wild yearning
          gilded democracy until very

          prohibited, this choice to give it and

get it, fucked
          openly, in public, erasing from

          defiant drivel, indebted as we

now and for
          ever are to those blindest arsenals

of college
          kids and other idiots, those little

shits who live
          just to say they did, those archetypal

          of neoliberal voters whose well

shot wealth dried
          out long before hashtagged Tweets and Vines made

seem so well
          timed their divine turnout, those unmade minds

making news
          while making cruising impossible in

a world where
          tolerance encourages poetry

to paint li(n)es
          memorializing pride in what was

once only
          perversity, calling out anyone

who denies
          closeted Rights their power to ignite

Führers’ Reichs,
          lighting lanterns on a leaning tower.