Gerrit van Honthorst – The Mocking of Christ
Source: Gerrit van Honthorst (1592–1656), “The Mocking of Christ,” circa 1617, oil on canvas, 146.05 × 207.01 cm (57 ½ × 81 ½ in.), Gift of The Ahmanson Foundation, accession number AC1999.92.1, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum Associates, Los Angeles.

“…whittled of its edges / down to what dust…”

—from “Following Tears Falling Into an Eye” (2023.001)

Following Tears Falling Into an Eye 2023.001
Crime de cœur 2023.002
Loves Lost Conjured by Soft Calls (From Silk Lips) 2023.003
Eaten Upon the Mountains (By Dust Prophesying Against Flesh) 2023.004
Eyes Pledged to Idols 2023.005
Lying With a Sword Between Us 2023.006
Filling a Well Spitting Wishes 2023.007
Whispering at the Edges of Perception 2023.008
Herostratus 2023.009
Jigsaw of a Damaged Mind 2023.010
Sympathy for the Dragon 2023.011
Ripples of Breath Wrinkling Mirrors 2023.012
Seconding the Syllables of an Unutterable Echo 2023.013
By the Lengthening of the Shadows 2023.014
A Winter That Would Die in Sunlight 2023.015
Written on the Ribs (With a Quill From an Inkwell Into Which Milk Has Been Spilled) 2023.016
Colosseros 2023.017
The Death of the Grave Digger 2023.018
Turquoise Maserati 2023.019
Anonymous as Angels 2023.020
Burn Now or Flower Only in Shadow 2023.021
Vengeance Performed in Stone 2023.022
Has the Horse Already Bolted? 2023.023
Fugitive Guru 2023.024
Ghost in Search of a Grave 2023.025
Moan in Monochrome 2023.026
Hollywood Magdalenes 2023.027
With My Brights on in a War-Time Dim-Out Zone 2023.028
Drown It in the Dirt 2023.029
Painting Agonies on Artificial Ruins 2023.030
A Flowering of Tongue Fragrant With a Love Unspoken (Fluent in Being Broken) 2023.031
Wearing Only Shadow Woven in Golden Filaments 2023.032
Monuments Opening to Mend Extinguished Men 2023.033
Look at My Lips (The Way You Would Look at a Grave) 2023.034
Pictures at an Exhibition 2023.035
An Echo in Babel’s Well 2023.036
No Shadow to Throw 2023.037
A Stone Without a Ghost 2023.038
Translating Anguish Into English 2023.039
Ever the Fury 2023.040
With a Laugh in His Heart (Like a Knife in the Dark) 2023.041
Twisting Into a Braid Two Fates by One Shared Glimpse Sealed Against Shame 2023.042
Truth to Tell 2023.043
Breaths of Echoes (Rolling Pearls Along a Pavement of Bones) 2023.044
Embroidered with Hieroglyphics 2023.045