Probably Valentin de Boulogne - Saint Paul Writing His Epistles
Source: Probably Valentin de Boulogne, “Saint Paul Writing His Epistles,” ca. 1618–1620, oil on canvas, 99.4 × 133 cm, accession number BF.1991.4, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
Pursed Lips & Parted Legs 2017.001
Don’t Let the Climate Change You 2017.002
To Gain Heaven without Suffering 2017.003
Telemaco (Papà alla puttanesca) 2017.004
Salting the Rim (A Heart Shaken, but Not Stirred) 2017.005
An Echo in the Well 2017.006
To Pound a Lightweight without a Glove 2017.007
Manumission 2017.008
Hundred-Handed Duel (Thousand-Fingered Fist) 2017.009
A Space Defined by Absence 2017.010
Oneironautics 2017.011
Burn Me in Effigy 2017.012
Some Sordid Street of Ill-Fame 2017.013
Kolossos 2017.014
A Typewriter and a Hammer 2017.015
Nebuchadnezzar in Winter 2017.016
King-Size Quandary 2017.017
A Silent Weapon for a Quiet War 2017.018
Pandor(i)an Grey 2017.019
Surrounded by Sphinxes Worked in White Marble 2017.020
To Sustain the Weary with a Word 2017.021
Fastidious & Furious 2017.022
Fruit of the Vine and Work of Human Hands 2017.023
New Wine in Old Skins 2017.024
Call Me, Ishmæl: Or, Moby’s Dick 2017.025
Whose Newly-Pierced Bones Have Been Polishing Doctor Dee’s Old Shewstone? 2017.026
Southwest of Where the Sun Sets 2017.027
Cerebral Cortés 2017.028
Giants of Old Who Ate Only Acorns 2017.029
Feeding the Green Lion 2017.030
An Unfailing Fable 2017.031
Salmo salar 2017.032
The Metéora 2017.033
On Leviathan’s Lips 2017.034
Resurrection Machine 2017.035
Thick & Viscous 2017.036
Stone Houses Filled with Terrible Ordeals 2017.037
The Lyric That Made of Crime a Prophecy 2017.038
Words for Those to Drink Who Faint in the Wilderness 2017.039
Ménage à toile (ménages étoiles) 2017.040
Rubricator & Illuminator 2017.041
Avernus 2017.042
To a Sculptress, Pleading 2017.043
Old Souls Looking for New Homes 2017.044
اقتبس / Iqtibās 2017.045
To Meet with Darkness in the Daytime 2017.046
Clepsydra: Or, the Water-Thief 2017.047
To That Paphian Girl of Mine (Painted like the Night) 2017.048
An Uprising at the Burial 2017.049
Quiet Before the Howl 2017.050
Finding a River in the Flood 2017.051
The Sign and the Signified 2017.052
Alkahest: Or, Fiery Love 2017.053
Punish the Curious 2017.054
Boned Oracles 2017.055
Closing the Doors of Twilight 2017.056
Thunder on the Tongues of Mumblers 2017.057
Scratches in the Wax 2017.058
Ignotum per Ignotius 2017.059
Let Us Compare Anatomies 2017.060
Quadrivium 2017.061
Digital S(t)imulation 2017.062
Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury 2017.063
Suffering Something (That Is Remarkable) 2017.064
Copper Lantern 2017.065
The Question of Interpreting Silence 2017.066
The Moral Pornographer 2017.067
Barbarian Invasions 2017.068
Antiphon 2017.069
Voces Magicæ 2017.070
Taking on Wonder 2017.071
Sons of Thunder (Boanerges) 2017.072
Bleu sur bleu 2017.073
All Things Were Made by Enmity and Friendship 2017.074
Katla 2017.075
Infinite Riches in a Little Room 2017.076
Libido Sciendi 2017.077