Lightning in the Veins

Jono Borden – Lightning in the Veins

Lightning in the Veins

(Feature-Length Motion Picture). The notorious life of superstar Lord Byron, a restless poet whose determination to free and find himself in a changing world finds him freeing those oppressed by the same forces.

Chaos fills the void—cut a path or perish!



An icon in silhouette dissolving into focus takes form impossible to ignore: LORD BYRON (31 here), pale, brooding, athletic, big fish-minded small-fry upstart upstream swimmer of changing currents astride this new world and the old.

Weathered contrarian. Firebrand wielder of words. Privileged champion of every underdog. Wounded, brunet pursuer and seducer of anything with a pulse. A spectre or a caricature in ill-fitting, well-worn black clothing. His story is one more enemies than friends have told.

As adept with a quill as with a pistol, his lips or his fists, this is he whose calculated scowl only complements his vanity.

Accompanied as it is with enough wealth, and wealth of literary talent, to balance out his moral bankruptcy’s many controversies borne of as many drawn-out swinging moods. Most of which are self-promoting stories of his own design. Legendary wreckage to leave behind. Good time kind-of-guy.

He is a man who, apart from the dark art-form of his perfect tantrums, has written many lives inspired by the one he has decided to live for his ravenous public. A spectre or a caricature or a character. Antihero of his own story, villain of his own myth.

Transformed in every way by worldwide fame at an early age, except for childhood trauma’s stinging memories and his deformity’s crippling embarassment, he needs always to prove himself. In particular, now.

He emerges from the ebbing, murky waters of the moonlit Grand Canal, its obsidian ribbon a silent witness over which glides undulating slivers of reflected torch-light splintering into frenetic ripples as his heavy clothing clings to his body, saturated head-to-toe.

From windows above lining the crumbling faces of ancient grey palazzos, billowing curtains tease glimpses of glowing warmth from the apartments of lovers busying themselves within. Shadow drapes the streetscape in high contrast, mocking discretion. Shadows are dancing against stoic stone as his chiseled face crumbles into disgust.

He climbs over the edge of the pavement bordering the dark pool and, like a poet’s pen from an inkwell, lifts the hulk of himself, as though he were the diluted idea of his ideal self, shivering onto the cobblestones and unfolds his trembling limbs from a crouch into a determined hobble, dignified despite wearing the sopping mess of his obvious misadventure.

Though he has fallen or jumped in, he limps on his right foot, regardless. Ever self-conscious, looking in either direction at the deserted corridor of claustrophobic street down which his voice echoes.

Domestic Distributor: TBD; International Distributor: TBD | Earliest Release: April 19, 2024 (Domestic); January 22, 2025 (International) | MPA Rating (USA): R; MPCCC/CHVRS Rating (CAN): R, CPBCMPR Rating (CAN:BC/SK/MB): R, AFC Rating (CAN:AB/NT/NU): 18A, MCC Rating (CAN:QC): 18+, MFCB Rating (CAN:NS/NB/PE): R, No Film and Video Classifications Required or Maintained (CAN:YT/ON/NL): Unrated; BBFC Rating (GBR): 18; Content Advisory Warning: Some strong violence, gore, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, language throughout, and drug and alcohol use. | Running Time: 128 mins (2 hrs 8 mins) | Genres: Biography, Drama, History | Themes: LGBT, Culture, Politics

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