Evelyn De Morgan – The Soul's Prison House
Source: Evelyn De Morgan, “The Soul’s Prison House,” 1880–1888, pigment in glycerine on canvas, 78.7 × 50.8 cm, accession number P_EDM_0031, De Morgan Collection, The De Morgan Museum, De Morgan Foundation, Barnsley.

Ritual is performance and performance seduction. As evocative as speech can be of emotion, speech can provoke reaction as surely as it can evoke spirits and compel them to perform actions.

All of Creation began with a word—the Word, in fact, as recounted in various holy books—an arrangement of syllables into a rosary of sounds only God knew how to pronounce, a secret kept occulted from the ears and grasp of mortals.

As was the Creator’s name—which, when intoned, empowered its utterer to revert the Universe back to its vastness of an abyss, as it was before spoken into being, that Big Bang of which even science has been speaking. Destruction by vibrating a phrase, chanting a name—or so understanding goes, if we are to immerse our Selves in the mythic poetry of the monotheistic, Abrahamic Faiths.

Yet, magic is not a religion, but a sacred technology. Incantation is a form of song, in the most abstract sense. A stringing together of sounds which, when expounded as rhythmic, melodic verse, stirs to metamorphosis every surface and soul its reverberation caresses.

Yet, this world is not material, nor are we. Spirit costumed in flesh, we are players in a drama the creation of literary theatrics has the potential to transmute, to evolve, to form anew.

By commissioning an incantation, or in the alternative, a word or several pregnant with gestating power, what you are requesting and commanding is the reordering of your world.

You can smooth the edges of your sphere of existence so that what you encounters flows with your intended motion, not grates against your desires or assault with friction the direction of your will.

Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus, sive Unares | Aquilifer the Urban Hermit, or The One Thing

Incantations from $46.00–$55.00

Notate Bene:

☞ In all cases, services are restricted to the consideration of one intention or theme. Described below are the essentials of each linguistic operation (magic by speech, of which these are several varieties) being offered, and what purchasing each entails.

For any of the types offered here, there exists, of course, the opportunity to arrange an alternative format or approach tailored to the complexity of your requirements.

As noted, the cost for each covers a single service, and there are variations which can benefit incantations or words: media and material used in their design, æsthetic considerations linking them to you, astrologically significant times during which to compose and consecrate either, and other factors worth discussing upon purchase.

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Incantation Composition

If ritual is a performance, then incantation is its song; as though waving a wand, a waving of one’s tongue manifests results, language is magic.

On offer is the composition by a poet, who happens to be a ceremonial magician, of an original charm tailored for use in ritual workings.

Jono Borden – Incantation Composition by Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus – Buy Now

USD $55.00 / CAD $55.00

Word(s) of Power Composition

Vibration of speech changes the environment which receives its reverberation; a resonance words chosen carefully carry, from thoughts into others’ minds, to will into action.

Sometimes, all it takes is a powerful word, other times, several; all commissions are confidential, lest yours endure the same fate as trusty abracadabra.

Jono Borden – Word(s) of Power Composition by Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus – Buy Now

USD $46.00 / CAD $46.00