Michele di Matteo – Christ as the Man of Sorrows between the Virgin and St. John the Evangelist
Source: Michele di Matteo (1410–1469), “Christ as the Man of Sorrows between the Virgin and St. John the Evangelist,” circa 1447–1449, tempera and gold leaf on panel, 28.4 × 60.9 cm (11 3/16 × 23 31/32 in.), Acquired by Henry Walters with the Massarenti Collection, 1902, accession number 37.738, The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

“…Can you feel the Braille of my Thoughts…”

—from “Said the Rebel” (2013.071)


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Abramelin 445 (To Create Visions Through Writing) 2018
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Across the Frozen Continent 2017
A Curse That Opens Doors (Whatever Wise Men Seek) 2017
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Adam’s Tongue in the Mouth of Eden 2022
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A Day without Death 2016
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A Desert Traveler Who Has Become Very Rich 2016
A Drawing by an Unknown Master 2019
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A Dutiful Soul Voyaging to Its Imaginary Destiny 2019
Ædicula 2018
A Fever Among the Blind 2018
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A Legend in My Own Mind 2015
A Letter to My Youth 2012
Alien Literature 2019
A Light Without Shadow 2018
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A Mermaid in Its Vanity 2016
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A Month-by-Mouth Journey 2018
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Anachoresis 2018
Anachronic 2018
An Æsthetics of the Dying Sun 2015
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Anatomy of the Body of God 2020
And Fire Bloomed like a Scar from Its Mouth (But It Went Out) 2019
And Into Ashes All My Lust 2022
Andreas 2021
Androboros 2019
Androcles 2016
An Echo From a Cave in Which Was Buried a Heretic the Same Day as a Saint 2022
An Echo in Babel’s Well 2023
An Echo in the Well 2017
Aneros 2019
Angels & Centerfolds 2018
A Night as Long as a Forest’s Path 2015
An Imagination with a Long Tail 2016
An Inn at the Crossroads 2014
Annus Horribilis 2011
Annus Mirabilis 2011
Anonymous as Angels 2023
An Orchard of Thorns 2018
Antiphon 2017
Antisocial Trees 2005
An Uncertainty of Curtains, a Dispute of Veils 2021
An Unfailing Fable 2017
An Uprising at the Burial 2017
Apart at the Seams 2019
Apex & Aphelion 2016
A Place of Abandon Our Gathering Makes Again Sacred 2022
A Poet Quoting a Poet to a Poet 2019
A Poisoner’s Manual 2019
Apologue 2019
A Portrait of a Man a Few Minutes Long, Twenty-Eight Years Wide 2015
Apricot Crop-Top (Polka-Dot Ascot, Ink-Blot Hot-Pants/Tie-Dyed Cut-Offs, Popped Squat) 2021
A Prince Plucked Out of Non-Existence 2018
A Prisoner under Every Regime 2015
A Prison of Short Sentences 2016
Arches in the Underground 2022
Argonaughtyca 2015
Argus-Eyed in the Phœnix Nest 2019
Aries Ascending 2020
A River Uphill 2016
Arschficker 2020
Art as Cure, Pomegranate as Grenade 2020
Artillery in the Art Gallery 2016
A Sacrifice in the Calm of Dawn 2016
As a Tongue to a Drop of Fire 2022
A Schematic of Grief 2018
As Confrontational as a Mirror 2019
A Séance of Rhythms 2015
A Sea-Shaken House (Protected from Wind and Wave) 2019
As Far as the World Is Wide 2018
Ashes Where Once There Was Fire 2016
As If to Profane the Blasphemous, How Irreverence Now Descends on Our Vacancy the Way Fate Swallows an Eclipse (Poetic Justice) 2021
A Silent Weapon for a Quiet War 2017
A Silvering Over of Sodden Eyes 2022
A Smile to Stain Satin 2021
A Space Defined by Absence 2017
Aspersions Cast for an Oracle 2022
Asphalt and Arteries 2014
A Spirit Shaken From the Ashes of an Ancient Magic’s Fragrant Perfume 2022
A Sponge of Purple Ink Weighted with Bitter Taste 2020
A Stone Without a Ghost 2023
A Sun at Midnight 2019
A Symbol for Something That You Don’t Know (Invariable) 2020
A Taste for Martyrdom 2014
A Televisionary Life 2016
Athanor 2019
A Thing of Flesh and Feathers 2020
A Thorn in the Flesh 2019
A Thread Through the Vein 2022
A Time to Refrain from Embracing 2016
A Trap Door Back to My Self 2021
At Some Cost and Great Trouble 2016
At the Foot of Integrity 2016
Attuned to Majesty 2019
A Typewriter and a Hammer 2017
Audiotrocity 2015
August Spring 2020
Authorized Superstitions 2019
Autohagiography 2016
Autoheresiography (Following the Spirit, Not the Letter)/em> 2020
Avant god 2017
Avernus 2017
A Vision Broken in the Field (To Bring It to the Reapers) 2022
A Visit to the Patron 2009
A Vocabulary Beyond Numbers 2019
A Void and a Plenitude, an Arrow and a Wound 2018
Avra K’Davra (I Create as I Speak) 2020
Awakened by a Great Wisdom 2018
A Weekend Apocalypse Written in a Dream on a Wilderness of Sheets 2022
A Well-Traveled Pavement 2018
A Wind Between Lights 2019
A Window, but Tinted 2019
A Winter That Would Die in Sunlight 2023
A Wolf at the Gate 2017
Azazel 2019
Azure & Or 2019
Babylonian Captivity 2011
Bachelor Hand 2013
Back on the Horse 2015
Baggage to Burn 2015
Bald & Chained 2017
Band of Thebes (Corporal Campbell) 2014
Barbam Promittere (To Let the Beard Grow Long) 2018
Barbarian Invasions 2017
Barbarossa 2017
Bardolatry 2018
Bareback Rider 2011
Bawdy Count 2016
Bawdy Gods 2018
Beating the Bounds 2014
Bedroom Burial Ground 2016
Beguiler 2018
Bello/Brutto 2022
Bending the Knee 2011
Beneath the Eyes and Ears of the World 2015
Beneath the Mountain 2019
Be Not Yet Existing (When the Sun Hides Himself from the Blind) 2019
Bête noire 2016
Better Than Money 2016
Between Cruelty and Pity 2018
Between Equinoxes 2019
Between Men & Apostles 2016
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 2016
Between the Hammer and the Anvil 2019
Between the Lines 2004
Between the Silver and the Mirror 2014
Between the Silver and the Mirror 2017
Beware of the Things People Say in Beautiful Ways 2021
Birdsong Against Copper Tears 2021
Biting the Dog 2015
Black and White and Red All Over (Hymn Sheet of Horrors) 2016
Black Sheep Shorn 2014
Black Tar Rose 2016
Black Tongue 2011
Blare the Bluster of That Babel 2021
Bleach and Barbiturates 2004
Bleeding Inside Each Other’s Wounds 2022
Bleu cendres 2018
Bleu sur bleu 2017
Blind Beyond My Years 2016
Blind Enemies Envious of Our Tongues 2020
Blind Men Tracing the Circle 2015
Blinding the Oracle 2021
Blistering, Erotic, Prophetic 2019
Bloodguiltiness 2021
Blowtorching the Candle at Both Ends 2018
Blue-Eyed Bayou 2015
Blue Velvet Veil 2012
Bohemia in Absentia 2020
Boned Oracles 2017
Book of Jubilees 2018
Boredom of the North 2014
Born Digital 2015
Both & Neither 2017
Breakfast at the Brothel 2018
Breaking in the Crater 2019
Breath Play 2018
Bride of the Eye 2022
Bright Lights & Poison 2016
Bringing Volcanoes to the Hills 2015
Bullets in the Temple (To Open Closed Minds) 2021
Buried in the Most Perfect Oblivion 2015
Burner Poem 2019
Burning the Menagerie 2011
Burning Up the Flame 2017
Burn Me in Effigy 2017
Burn Now or Flower Only in Shadow 2023
By Chariot at Nightfall 2017
Byromania 2012
By the Lengthening of the Shadows 2023
By the Sky Full of Returning 2015
Café Mulatto 2012
Cain Enabled 2014
Call Me, Ishmæl: Or, Moby’s Dick 2017
Call to Arms 2012
Campo de’ Fiori 2019
Can’t Die Unless You’ve Lived 2014
Capitalist Hymns 2021
Cargo for Kindling 2015
Carnival of Conformists 2014
Cartaphilus 2011
Cassiel 2020
Catacomb Saint 2021
Cathode Ray 2014
Catholic Damage 2021
Caught Between the Tongue and the Taste 2018
Caught in a Love That’s a Lie 2022
C.C. 2012
Cerebral Cortés 2017
Chamber Music 2013
Channel 63 (Promises! Promises!) 2010
Chaos Has Followed You, or You Have Led It 2021
Chased Beasts 2019
Chicago in May 2015
Chimæra & Disbelief 2019
Chiron the Oneironaut 2020
Christ-Stanced in a Sacrileged Place (Man Protected by the Shield of Faith) 2022
Clavicula 2017
Clepsydra: Or, the Water-Thief 2017
Climbing by Tendrils 2021
Close Your Mouth and Open Your Mind 2015
Closing the Doors of Twilight 2017
Cloudburst 2015
Clubbed to Death 2016
Codices of Light 2018
Coin of the Realm 2018
Coins of Eyes Which Envy the Moon’s Counterfeit Light 2020
Coins of Mercury 2019
Coldest in the Noontide Heat 2014
Cold-Heartists and Rabbitoirs 2014
Colosseros 2023
Coming Down 2015
Companions of the Cave 2015
Concerto 2012
Conciliation 2012
Conspicuous at Olympia (Incantation for Gorgias) 2021
Constellating This Mess of Stardust 2021
Constellations Hanging Stars Like Lanterns in the Borderlands of Horizons 2020
Consummation & Cannibalism 2018
Content on the Other Side of Chaos 2018
Copper Lantern 2017
Cor Hydræ (Heart of the Snake): Twisted Tales 2023
Corrina’s Folly 2006
Cotton to the Flame 2022
Counterfeits of the Heart 2016
Crème Fraîche 2011
Crime de cœur 2023
Critical Mass 2020
Crush 2011
Crying Fire in the Deluge 2020
Cursive Lightning 2016
Cuts Deep 2019
Cyanide by Streetlight 2020
Cyprianus 2017
Daedalus 2012
Damen und Herren 2012
Damnatio Memoriæ 2020
Dancing like Hieroglyphics, the Truth at Twenty-One Is Enough to Subdue Some with Its Metaphysics 2015
Danger on a Doorman’s Breath 2016
Dark Artery 2014
Darkness Promotes Speech (Light Is Silent) 2019
Daughters of the Abundance 2019
Dawn Defeats Dark 2022
Dealey Plaza 2004
Death’s Fragrance Reduced to Two Sentences (Two sCents) 2022
Decalogue 2012
Decaying Shades of Grey 2019
Defy & Conquer 2018
De haut en bas 2020
Deified & Defiled 2016
Dekanoi 2018
Demonizing the Exorcists 2017
Dénouemonument (Destruction Is Imminent) 2015
Deo Non Fortuna 2018
Der Bindestrich 2014
Der Magier 2019
Deserter (Double Bref Double) 2021
Desolate Timbers Call for Wendigoëtic Measures (Tracing Triangles of Art in the Dark) 2021
Deuteronomy Jones 2017
Developed in Darkness (Like a Photograph) 2019
Devil’s Sealing Wax 2014
Dialogue Between a Courtesan and a Gentleman (Overheard Breakfasting at a Brothel) 2022
Dialogue Between a Sodomite and a Fornicator 2016
Diamond & Dagger 2016
Diamond & Dagger 2021
Diamonds With No One to Mine Them 2022
DICK. 2011
Die Letzten Tage 2018
Die Rosa-Winkel 2020
Digital S(t)imulation 2017
Dimidiatus 2021
Dirt or Deity? 2016
Disappear Into Disrepair 2020
Dissolve and Coagulate 2014
Dissolving Correspondences (A Triple Helix of Golden Cord Whose Art’s Key an Unseen Hand Holds) 2022
Don’t Ever Tell the Truth 2014
Don’t Let the Climate Change You 2017
Double Track Harmony 2016
DownEast 2014
Down the Barrel 2015
Drawn Forth From the Dragon’s Well 2022
Dressed in Vapour 2014
Dripping Into the Same Elixir 2022
Drive 2012
Drowning in Passion, Crowned With Ashes 2022
Drown It in the Dirt 2023
Dürable Diable 2020
Dust in the Jewelled City 2020
Dymphna 2011
Eaten Upon the Mountains (By Dust Prophesying Against Flesh) 2023
Eating the Garnish 2015
Eat the Mirror 2016
Eclipsed Son 2021
Eclogue 2020
Edifice of Fists 2020
Egocide 2019
Ego Sum Acies 2020
El Dorado 2012
Electric Lamb 2015
Element 119 2017
Empty Vessels (Full of Longing) 2019
Engaged in Flames 2020
Entheogen 2018
Envenomed in Vain 2022
Ephesia Grammata 2017
Epigrammatical Terror 2013
Epitasis 2018
Erasing the Sum 2022
Eros & Thanatos 2014
Errant Nights (Pilgrims in an Unholy Land) 2016
Erratica 2016
Esther at the Helio 2018
Et con. 2017
Eternal Spirit of the Chainless Mind 2015
Ever the Fury 2023
Every Colour of Sound Ashes Where Once They Were Fire 2015
Every Repetition Has Its Purpose 2019
Examination of Conscience 2011
Exes & Oh!s 2014
Exhale 2009
Exhumerust 2022
Expecting Rejection 2017
Expelled from the Temple of Transforming Wisdom 2018
Exquisite Whore 2014
Extracting the Thorn 2020
Exultant, Rabid, Rampant 2022
Eyes Pledged to Idols 2023
Falling for the Mourning Star 2015
Falling Hard 2016
Falling Like a Thunderbolt on the First Thing With a Pulse 2022
Family Eunuch 2019
Fashionista 2009
Fastidious & Furious 2017
Fatherhood Lamented 2011
Fear Is a Friend, Failure Is an Ally 2022
Feathers Falling Back Onto the Wing 2019
Feeding the Green Lion 2017
Feuchter Tag 2016
Fields of Heather 2015
Fill Each Other Then Pass Out Together 2021
Filling a Well Spitting Wishes 2023
Filth Causes Imbalance of the Humours 2016
Finding a River in the Flood 2017
Fingers to the Bone 2016
Fire in the Age of Lightning 2016
Fire Oaths 2016
Fire Proof 2014
Fists in the Fire 2014
Flame & Æther 2019
Flesh in the House of Spirit 2020
Fleur-de-‘B’ 2013
Flight by Night 2020
Florida 2010
Flowers From Strangers 2022
Following Tears Falling Into an Eye 2023
Follow the Path of the Lightning & Bolt! 2016
Foolosophy 2018
Foraging for Wealth in Forests of Riches Which Burn Pages of Debts for Their Sweet Fragrance (Incensed) 2020
Forced Sorcery/Pay the Sage 2015
Forgiven by Someone You Want to Forget 2018
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: One 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Two 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Three 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Four 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Five 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Six 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Seven 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Eight 2021
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Nine 2021
For the Applause of All or the Love of None 2019
Four Powers 2018
Frame 230 2004
Francis 2012
Freedom within Boundaries 2016
From Out of the Craving Void 2022
From the Same Essence 2018
Frothing the Garden 2020
Fructuous 2020
Fruit of the Vine and Work of Human Hands 2017
\′fək\ 2018
Fuck, Like, a Demon 2022
Φυκ (The Dead Metaphors) 2016
Fugitive Guru 2023
Fugitive Saints 2018
Full Coitus 2016
Fundamentally Unlovable 2016
Gardening Eden 2020
Gathering Evidence with My Heart in Your Mouth 2019
Gehenna 2018
Germ of Truth 2014
Ghost in Search of a Grave 2023
Giants of Old Who Ate Only Acorns 2017
Gift of Tongues 2011
Give Me Anything But Hope 2022
Give the Ink Time to Dry 2018
Glyphing the Process 2019
Gnostic Gullible 2020
Gnostic Radio 2018
God Got in the Way 2022
Goëtia 2016
Goliath 2011
Graveyard of Empires 2016
Greed Will, in the Temple, Blind 2021
(Green as the Wood) By Turns Tender and Abusive 2022
Grind & Get-Up-On 2020
Grope Therapy 2013
Half Dust, Half Deity 2022
Halfway Between Bedlam and Babylon 2020
Halfway to a Metaphysics 2020
Hard Corvette 2012
Harlotry & Heliolatry 2016
Harpocrates 2019
Has the Horse Already Bolted? 2023
Hazarded Majesty 2020
Headlong to Madness or Glory 2021
Head over Heils 2015
Head Shots by Zapruder 2015
Healing From Revealing Wounds Fingered Fresh When Passed Around 2022
“Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)” Over-Complicated 2007
Hearts of Iron, Tears of Ink 2015
Heaven Joins with Fire 2020
Heaven Sent Fire 2019
He Blew (t)His Milky Way 2016
Hell-Moths & Hot Mouths 2016
Hell’s Kitchen 2016
Heresiacal Persecutions (To Unite the Estranged) 2018
Heroes in the Underworld 2016
Herostratus 2023
Hey, You! 2012
Hidden Scandals Painted in Oils 2018
Hideless Tigress 2019
Hills Above the Head 2017
Historiola 2017
Hollow 2004
Holly’s Hill 2004
Hollywood Magdalenes 2023
Holy of Holies 2016
Homeland Security 2015
Homonculus 2018
Honey Trap 2016
HOT MESSiah 2012
How Deep Is My Well 2015
HQ 447 2012
Hundred-Handed Duel (Thousand-Fingered Fist) 2017
Hymn to Anacreon 2018
‘I Am Afraid/I Am a Fraud’ 2015
I. C. (Imum Cœli) 2018
Iconographer Contemplating a Nimbus 2020
(Id)entity (Pentagram Inside a Pentagon) 2018
If Foes Be Food in Hell 2016
If I Should Be so Fortunate to Find This Wanderer Again 2015
I Found You a Flower 2011
If You’re Not Someone I Love Already, Then It Means Nothing to Me to Be Loved by You (Nobody) 2021
Ignotum per Ignotius 2017
I Know I Can Do It Better 2011
…Illumined Confines 2006
Illusions of Glamour 2020
I’m Not Man Enough 2012
Impervious to Lightning’s Kisses 2022
Impossibyl Angæl 2012
In a Blazing Orchard 2019
In a Lather of Faith and Lust 2019
In an Attitude of Prayer 2019
In Bed at the Adlon 2015
In Both Body and Psyche 2019
Incanting Northward Ashen Folds of Incandescent Mourning Clouded Kohl 2022
Incendere Pontes (Hoc Phœnix Necessitatibus Cineres) 2021
Incited 2012
In Deutero 2018
In Excess, I Knew the Things of the Few 2009
Inexplicabilia 2016
Infected 2011
Infinite Riches in a Little Room 2017
In Honour of Its Inexhaustible Splendour 2019
Ink From Ashes 2022
In Love and in Life 2018
Inner City Memo 2016
Inner Critic 2019
Innocence Kills 2015
In Praise of Dr. John O’Bourdon, M.D., Sometime Handler of the Pilgrim’s Staff 2012
In Response to an Oracle 2018
In Response to Mrs. Ashdown, Who Asked the Poet If He Might Sometime Paint Her Face? 2015
In Response to the End of the World 2019
Inscribed in Flame on a Candle with No Ends, Lit from Within (When Praying to a Nameless Saint) 2022
Inscription for a Funerary Urn in Which Repose the Remains of a Better Poem 2016
Insurance 2012
Intermission 2015
Internecinematic Scenes of Destruction Experienced from Within (To Ignite Backlit Screens) 2022
In the Black of Some Terrible Night 2014
In the Blindness of Electric Light, Under the Rose of Their Closed Eyes and Minds 2016
In the Contemptory of the Decorated Soul 2014
In the Court of the Heroine Sheikh 2016
In the Flourishing 2021
In the Garden Where All Loves End 2019
In the Minute of My Quickening 2019
In the Mouth of Winter 2018
In the Season of Sweet Sighs 2016
In the Style of the Minor Prophets 2019
In the Text of Your Hand 2016
Intifāḍa 2020
Into a Labyrinth Without a Thread 2021
Into the Prison-House of Flesh 2019
In Vigil of Ephemeral Things 2019
Invoke & Invert 2019
Ipecacuanha 2021
IQ 133 2012
اقتبس / Iqtibās 2017
Isaac & Iskandar: A Conquest in Verse 2015
I Seek My Elizabeth 2012
Isræl 2018
Italian Wedding 2011
Izebhel 2022
Jack Kerouac 2012
Jack’s Jackhammer Handshake 2012
Jacob’s Lather 2016
Jagged Little Pixels 2016
James Bondage 2016
J’avais ça dans le sang 2019
Jennasis 2012
Jezrahiah the Hæresiarch 2021
Jigsaw of a Damaged Mind 2023
Johnny Satellite 2011
Jonny Quatrain (Out Calls Only) 2020
Jono Borden 2012
Jono Borden: A Pornucopia of Degenerate Art™ 2012
Judging by the Jury’s Executioner’s Remorse, There Are Many Others Who’ve Gotten Away with Far Worse 2022
Jurassic Technology 2013
Katla 2017
Kid Gloves 2016
Kill, Kill, Cure 2014
King-Size Quandary 2017
Kinsey 5 2018
Kissed by a Prick 2016
Kisses like Little Fists 2015
Kissing the Wound 2015
Kith and (s)Kin 2016
Kneeling Before Ezel 2021
Kneeling Before the Gate’s Keeper 2022
Knocking at an Open Door 2015
Kolossos 2017
Lady Gemini 2012
La petite mort 2018
Laughter Which Swallows the Dark 2022
Lay the Fennel On 2012
L’Écharpe 2009
Left Turn 2012
Leopard Print Tights 2011
Le Passe-muraille 2021
Leper Window 2011
Le temps détruit tout 2016
L’Étoile flamboyante 2019
Letters from High Latitudes 2018
Letters in Bruised Language 2022
Let Us Compare Anatomies 2017
L’Homme 100 têtes (homme sans tête) 2015
Liber Spirituum 2021
Liberty Shears the Sheeple 2015
Libido Sciendi 2017
Librorum Prohibitorum 2020
(Life’s) Just a Physical Reaction (To the Illusion That’s the World) 2021
Lifestyles of the Sedentary and Nameless 2014
Lighting Lanterns on a Leaning Tower 2016
Light Kindled in the Liquor of a Love Looking for Another Victim 2022
Light Turns to Stone 2016
Lilith (Read Me Without Danger) 2016
Lines on Hearing That Mrs. Ashdown Was Ill 2015
Lines on the Red-Eye 2014
Liquefaction 2011
Little Apotheke 2012
Live and Let Go 2015
Lives That Outlive Quotation 2015
Living in Death’s Linen 2022
Living like a Ruby in Dust 2018
Loaded Down 2018
Locating the Luz Bone 2018
Locked Gates to Open Wounds 2004
Logoi Sophōn 2020
Lone Wolf Alpha 2018
Look at My Lips (The Way You Would Look at a Grave) 2023
Lopamudra 2018
Lordosis Behaviour 2011
Loss 2006
Love Among the Romantics 2021
Love and Other Pseudosciences 2016
Love Dwells Not in Our Will 2015
Love Is His Own Avenger 2008
Love Never Silent Took My Blood as Ink 2014
Love of Things Invisible 2017
Loves Lost Conjured by Soft Calls (From Silk Lips) 2023
Loxodromes 2017
Loyal Awe 2012
Lured to Destruction by the Sweetness of Song
Lust in Translation 2019
Lying With a Sword Between Us 2023
Lyra Davidica 2019
Magdalena 2011
Magia Sexualis 2020
Magister & Discipulus 2018
Making It 2016
Manumission 2017
March 16th 2009
Mariana’s Trench 2015
Mark 2011
Mark of the Beast 2016
Martyrs & Confessors 2022
Mary’s Ex Voto 2004
Mea Creatura 2014
Mechanical Royalty 2014
Medea (Deus Ex Machina) 2021
Melody & Violence 2021
Melody & Violence/Rhythm & Bruise 2022
Memory 2008
Menace & Majesty 2019
Ménage à toile (ménages étoiles) 2017
Men Eating Men 2016
Men of Discretion 2018
Metaphors in the Mixture 2022
מִיכָאֵל 2011
M.I.L.F. and Cookies 2011
Milking Ink from a Blurring of Place 2021
Milking the Bone for an Oracle 2022
Milk in the Mirror 2020
Mind Dust 2011
Mind’s Eye 2012
Minus 40 2016
Misanthropologia 2016
Misty-Eyed Mystified 2021
Moan in Monochrome 2023
Mons Veneris 2018
Monuments Opening to Mend Extinguished Men 2023
Morphine 2011
Mount Hope Bay 2021
Mourning Sects 2021
Mouth like a Mithræum 2018
Mr. Scratch 2011
Murders and Executions 2012
Muses of the Spheres 2021
My First of Flames 2014
My Inheritance of Storms 2015
My Vulture and My Rock 2015
Narcissus Without a Mirror 2016
Natalie Would 2014
Nebuchadnezzar in Winter 2017
Necromancy Drew 2018
Necromanticism & Syphilisation 2018
Nekhepsut 2011
Neuron 2012
New Latitudes 2019
New Wine in Old Skins 2017
New Word Order 2014
Night (As Viewed Through a Window) 2020
Nine Layers Beneath Æther 2016
Nocturnes, with Fires 2019
No Fires Burned on Altars 2018
No Light in Heaven 2015
Nonpareil 2019
No Poetry About Love 2018
Northern Soul 2019
No Shadow to Throw 2023
No Star Wears a Veil 2015
Notes Towards a Better Understanding of My Diaries 2019
Not Forgiving In 2020
Nothing Matters (But What We Think Does) 2022
Not Two Hairs Alike 2015
Now 2004
Now, Here as I Am 2015
Nursery Crime 2011
Oath of the Abyss 2018
Oblique 2021
Obsessional 2011
OCcULtUS 2021
Oceans Will Be the New Borders 2020
Oculus Sinister 2018
Odalisque 2016
Of Everything That Is and Won’t Be 2018
Offer Me (A Little Dishonesty) 2016
Of Some New Grief Conceived 2018
Old Souls Looking for New Homes 2017
Oneironautics 2017
On Going to a Steakhouse after Shopping for Sex Toys 2016
On Leviathan’s Lips 2017
Only Broken on the Inside 2014
On My Beggar Knees 2020
On Red Sand Stand Bent Towers of Blue for the Glimpse of the Few to Apprehend 2021
On Rising Hard, Pressed for Words, Having Dreamt Again of Mrs. Ashdown 2015
On Rising Thirsty from a Vision of Mrs. Ashdown Watering Blossoms in Her Conservatory 2015
On Shoulders like Ours (The Burden of Poets) 2015
On the Door of a Lavatory along Interstate 40 2016
On the Lips of Saints 2016
On the Night When He Poisoned My Rest 2021
On the Road to Ruin 2015
On the Rocks (Divorce) 2011
On the Sale by Auction of a Portrait of the Author, Purchased by a Former Lover 2016
On This Day I Complete My Twenty-Sixth Year 2013
Open Hand (Winking Palm) 2021
Opening the Heart (So That the Flame Streams Forth) 2022
Ophelia the Prophetess 2021
Ophidian 2018
Orange on the Right 2011
Orchids at the Stage Door 2019
Orchids for Breakfast 2015
Orison of Seven Words 2018
Orpheus and the Liar 2016
Ouroboric Tales 2020
OUTliar 2022
Out of the Fog of Our Waking 2021
Out of Time into Eternity 2015
P – J = </3 2011
Pain Gives Way to Peace 2016
Painted Lines 2012
Painting Agonies on Artificial Ruins 2023
Paint Some Life on the Corpse 2016
Pale as Death, Naked as Sin, and Witched 2021
Pale From the Imagined Love of Solitary Beds 2020
Pale Petals Ossifying Opaque 2021
Pandor(i)an Grey 2017
Parthenogenesis 2017
Pasquinade 2018
Passing From the Familiar Room 2020
Passiontide 2011
Pasteural 2015
Past Omnipresent 2022
Pathos of the Ruin 2019
Peacock in Monochrome 2022
Pearl-Diving off Al Zubarah 2014
Pelagiarism and Other Guilty Pleasures 2013
Pepsi-Cola 2012
Perigee Syzygy 2018
Permutations 2020
Per Os 2019
Personæ Ungrateful 2016
Pervert or Poet‽ 2017
Pesticide (Noxious Nihilism) 2004
Petasus & Talaria 2018
Peter and Paul 2011
Petrichorus Lines 2014
Philosophy in the Boredroom 2013
Phlogiston 2018
Phosphorus & Vesperos 2019
Phyllotaxis 2018
Pictures at an Exhibition 2023
Pierced but Pure 2015
Piercing With Sapphire Inscrutable Eyes 2022
Plague in an Ancient City 2018
Platonic Solids 2020
Pleasure in Exile 2016
Plutonium 2003
Poems to Fuck To 2018
Poeta Non Grata 2022
Poets Deal in Li(n)es 2014
Poets (We Do Li[n]es) 2015
Poisoned Boys & Cures for Narcissism 2015
Polar Surge (Solar Purge) 2020
Policing the Nuances 2018
Polishing Mirrors 2014
Polluted by Glory 2020
Poor Orphans Abandoned in the Forest of the Universe 2015
Pôr as cartas na mesa (Carta para Miguel) 2021
Postliterate 2018
Poverty in the Midst of Plenty 2019
Powder-Blue Négligée (White Go-Go Boots) 2021
Praise the Load 2015
Praxiteles 2019
Prayer after Communion 2018
Prayer Before an Ossuary 2019
Prayer for an Eclipse 2021
Prayer for an Unknown Purpose 2022
Prayer in Reverse 2018
Prayers on My Lips 2020
Precocious 2018
Pre-Coital Post-Script 2021
Preparing for the End Since the Beginning 2019
Presence, Pretense, Breakpoint, Voice, Clash, and Expulsion 2022
Privy to a Prayer 2019
Promethean Powerhouse 2021
Prometheus Pardoned 2013
Promontory Palace 2016
Proximity Awareness 2020
Prussian Blues 2015
Psychopompous (Until Dust Chokes Their Veins) 2020
Punish the Curious 2017
Purging the Liturgy 2020
Pursed Lips & Parted Legs 2017
Pussy Liquor 2011
Quadrivium 2017
Quake 2010
Quiet Before the Howl 2017
Quorum: It Only Takes One to Break a Heart 2010
Quoted in Symbols 2019
Rapport 2010
Recreational Antacids (For Whom This Heart Burns) 2022
Reddened from the Violence of Fire 2021
Reflecting Pools: A Monologue for Three Victims 2014
Regret 2011
Reinvented 2012
Remember King Jude 2012
Respect des fonds 2014
Resurrected in Your Image 2022
Resurrection Machine 2017
Reverse Delta 2020
Rex Babulonis 2019
Ripples of Breath Wrinkling Mirrors 2023
Rita 2011
Rockstar 2003
Roses Ask Pardon for Their Wounds 2014
Rosy Cross/Thorny Crown 2018
Rubricator & Illuminator 2017
Rue des Martyrs 2019
Rushing Upon the Blade 2020
Sabrina Saturnalia 2021
Sacking Byzantium 2021
Said the Rebel 2013
Sailing Past the Siren-Islands 2020
صلاة الغائب / Salat al-Gha’ib 2018
Salix babylonica 2018
Salmo salar 2017
Salon des Refusés 2018
Salting the Rim (A Heart Shaken, but Not Stirred) 2017
Samizdat 2019
SAMO 2015
Sanctum Sanctorum 2017
Sand & Blood 2016
San Fernando 2012
Sangin’ 4 Charity 2007
Sanguinaria 2017
Santalum album + Angelica archangelica 2021
Sapient Homo 2021
Sapphic Sisters 2020
Sardonyx 2018
Saturnine Saturn Day Night-Goals for Underworlding Mercurial Night-Owls—“Please Do Not Disturb,” Underdogging Worldlings Need Not Be Concerned… 2021
Satyrday Knights 2018
Scapegoat 2004
Scratches in the Wax 2017
Scrimp 2012
Sealed by Sacred Glyphs 2018
Seconding the Syllables of an Unutterable Echo 2023
Self to Selfless 2009
Semenology 2011
Serial Papist 2016
Sescenti Sexaginta Sex 2020
Seven Are One (It Is Finished When) 2004
Seven Unspoken Requests 2017
Sex & Sandalwood 2019
Sex and Violence 2011
Shake the Thunder from the Sky 2015
Shameless Faithlessness 2022
Shameless Grace 2016
Sheireil / לשּׂעירםאל 2019
Shemhazai & Istehar 2020
Shibboleth 2019
Shock & Applaud 2016
Shouting at the Same Echo (Here Where the Fire Burned) 2019
Shovels & Prayers 2020
Sibyl Twilight 2015
Sigh as We Might, Breath Is Breath Is Breath, Is Life… 2021
Silence and Sirens 2016
Silence Which Reveals an Unspeakable Love 2019
Silent Alarm 2015
Silent Tragedian 2019
Silk Rabbit 2016
Silver Splatter Patterns 2021
Silver Under Ash 2022
Simoom & Sirocco 2016
Simple Simony 2011
Simple Simony 2013
Sinful & Willful 2019
Siren Song 2011
Sisterhood of the Shallow Breath 2021
Sisyphus & Samsara 2016
Six Exilic Letters (For My Fellow Sex Addicts) 2022
Sleeping in My Own Arms 2019
Snakes Can’t Kneel to Pray 2014
Snow on the Face of the Desert 2018
Sojourners in a Waking Dreamscape 2020
Solomon 2011
Solomon’s Porch 2014
Soma/Sema 2021
Some Sordid Street of Ill-Fame 2017
Somewhere between a Prayer and a Doubt 2016
Son Chemycal 2019
Son of a Mason Who Made Monuments in Stone 2021
Song of Ascents 2020
Son of the Morning: Twelve Confessions 2012
Sons of Onan 2019
Sons of Thunder (Boanerges) 2017
South of the Mouth 2021
Southwest of Where the Sun Sets 2017
So, We Meet Again, Eunectes Murinus 2012
Sown in the Seven Achers 2015
Speculum (Filled Within by God, So That the Beholding Is Turned Into the Soul) 2020
Splinters of Ivory 2020
Splitting the Rib 2021
Squatting Like a Harlot at the Crossroads 2020
Stag in the Sanctuary 2021
Stalactite Drip 2019
Stars Falling From Flaming Balls of Light 2021
Steel Your Glance, After the Peak Falls the Glimpse, Fails the Glamour to Produce Its Effect (Desire Dissipates, Distance Spreads) 2021
Steeping the Sky in Blood from Ruby Wounds 2022
Stemming the Rose, Pitting the Cherry, Casting the Stone 2020
Stichomythia 2018
Still Life with Blackening Apples 2019
Still Lives 2014
Stitched in Rivulets 2022
Stitched with Flame 2020
Stolen Fire (Falling From a Star) 2022
Stone 2011
Stone Houses Filled with Terrible Ordeals 2017
Strategic Use of Negative Space 2018
Sub Rosa 2014
Suffering Something (That Is Remarkable) 2017
Sugar on the Lips of Dawn 2014
Suicide at Dawn 2018
Sui Generis 2016
Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury 2017
Summer in Avignon 2012
Sundial (Planted in the Shade) 2022
Sundown of a Blank Stare 2016
Sundown Soundtrack 2019
Sun in the Seventh House 2017
Sun of the Sleepless 2022
Sunrise in a Blizzard 2016
Surrounded by Sphinxes Worked in White Marble 2017
Swallowing Lightning 2015
Swan Fight 2019
Sweating the Bell 2021
Sweltered Venom 2017
Sword of Samæl 2019
Sympathy for the Dragon 2023
Tabernacle with Two Altars 2020
Tacit Pacts 2021
Tailor and Thimble 2011
Tainted Rose 2004
Take It Up with My Maker 2019
Taking on Wonder 2017
Taking the Cure 2018
Taking the Low out of Lonely 2016
حكايات من النقاب / Tales of the Niqāb 2014
Tall Tales and Appellatia 2015
Target Practice for the Blind 2016
Tarnishing the Tincture 2022
Taste Your Self on My Lips 2021
Tauroctony 2015
Tea with Mussolini 2011
Telemaco (Papà alla puttanesca) 2017
Tell It Not in Gath 2014
Tenth Letter 2018
Terror Incognita 2014
Than Which Nothing Is More False 2019
That You Might Know (What Sort of People We Used to Be) 2018
The Afterlife of Trees 2014
The Agency Said They Were Sending a Blond(e) 2018
The Air of Hell Will Tolerate No Hymns! 2022
The Algebra of Wickedness 2018
The Alphabet and the Algorithm 2019
The Anarchivist 2017
The Anhedoniacs (Breath Erases Epitaphs) 2022
The Animal and the Edible 2018
The Back Roominati 2012
The Best of Those Which Are Not Holy Books 2017
The Biblioklept 2012
The Big Dipper 2011
The Bishop 2011
The Black Obelisk 2019
The Brilliant Darkness of a Hidden Silence 2018
The Cephalophore 2012
The Chair of Despair 2012
The Coming Prince 2021
The Consequence of Wanting 2016
The Courtesan 2012
The Daguerreotypist 2016
The Death of the Grave Digger 2023
The Deformed Transformed 2012
The Deformed Transformed: A Rubáiyát 2012
The Demand That I Know I Am 2014
The Dentistry of Souls 2014
The Devout Heretic 2018
The Dillinger Excursus 2017
The Dissident’s Lexicon 2014
The Dolls of Dresden Row 2015
The Dome of the Rock 2011
“The Dope Show” Reversed 2011
The Drowning in Babel Blues 2016
The Duke 2012
The Echoes of Statues 2019
The Embalmer’s Apprentice 2016
The Endymion of Gottingen Street 2018
The Ephemeral Election 2016
The Euphemystics 2019
The Eve of Red Tuesday 2015
The Evidence of Asterisks 2016
The Fallen Are Transparent 2004
The Field Trench’d with Tears 2005
The Flesh of Apples 2018
The Fool of My Own Wishes 2016
The Frailty and the Decay 2019
The Galley Slave 2007
The Gargoyle of Argyle 2016
The Glass Recital 2018
The Gospel of Lazarus 2018
The Great Triangulation 2014
The Hole Is Where the Heart Is 2015
The Home of Pain 2004
The Humiliation of Witnessing a Sun Which Has Already Risen 2019
The Huntsman’s Quarry 2020
The Importance of Seeing the Skull beneath the Skin 2016
The Imprecisionist 2018
The Infidelity of Felicia Saint-Pierre 2016
Their Names Will Not Pass My Lips 2017
The Jōb Interview 2012
The Killing Tree 2016
The Last of the Laudanum 2016
The Lighting of One Flame from Another 2017
The Looking-Glass 2011
The Luxury of Integrity 2018
The Lyric That Made of Crime a Prophecy 2017
The Man of Axum 2013
The Master of His Johnson 2014
The Mercy Squirt 2018
The Metéora 2017
The Midwife 2012
The Moral Pornographer 2017
The Nightless City 2019
The Nun 2012
The Oath of Hypocrites 2016
The Only Thing That’s Real 2012
Theos & Ourgia 2017
The Perfume of Tarantulas 2016
The Pornographer’s Apprentice 2018
The Printer’s Devil Marked Me for an Author 2015
The Protector of Men 2004
The Province of Sleep 2016
The Punk Duality 2014
The Question of Interpreting Silence 2017
The Question to Everyone’s Answer 2013
There Is a Dance They Do in Their Pens 2014
The Return of Miss Hypatia Leigh 2015
Therianthropy 2022
The Rocks 2012
The Saint Who Bleeds Ink 2020
The Sayer and the Soothed 2018
The Scream in the Kaleidoscope 2019
The Seer 2012
The Sign and the Signified 2017
The Sign of Sorrow from Self-Undoing 2018
The Sinless Paradise of Stolen Joys 2019
The Sinless Paradise of Stolen Joys 2022
The Skill That Hell Unchained 2006
The Smith and the Devil 2017
The Spindle and the Record Spun 2013
The Star in the Lantern 2019
The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 2012
The Temerity of Alexis Kinkaid 2017
The Tempest 2009
The Temptation of Desdemona Hendricks 2016
The Tenth Muse 2016
The Thawing Attic 2004
The Thief 2012
The Undertaker’s Understudy 2021
The Unlikely Likely One 2021
The Very Act of Observing Something Changes It 2016
The Vice of Kings 2019
The Visitation 2012
The Void 2014
The Wanderer (Devotion in the Shadow of Demise) 2004
The War in Heaven 2011
The Weapon of Art 2015
The Wilderness Beyond Eden 2018
Thick & Viscous 2017
Thief of My Honour 2019
Thinning to Fade 2004
This Conversation Never Happened 2016
This Is Me With Nothing 2021
This Is the Path of the Sun’s Journey by Night 2015
This Picture of Mine (Taken in the Shadows) 2019
This Side of the Tomb 2019
This Way to the Egress 2020
Those Treasures Beyond Price 2018
Three & Thirty 2021
Three at a Time 2018
Three Shades of Night Fall 2016
Through the Black Forest (On the Treasure Trail) 2016
Thrust 2019
Thunder in Places of Rest 2020
Thunder on the Tongues of Mumblers 2017
Time Has No Alibi 2020
To Add a Story to the Tower of Babel 2015
To a Dutchman on Finding My Notebook 2015
To All upon Whom These Words Shall Come—My Affection Is Fleeting 2013
To a Sculptress, Pleading 2017
To Be Judged a Fraud by God 2019
To Believe That You’re Not Leaving (After the Fire Goes Out) 2022
To Burn Always Hard, with a Gem-Like Flame 2016
To Burn Into Fullness of Bloom 2022
To Dispose of an Oath 2021
To Florence 2013
To Gain Heaven without Suffering 2017
To His Muse 2019
To J.T., or, Ode to an Obelisk 2009
To Love the Pitcher Less and the Water More 2015
To Make the Darkness Visible, the Pain Bearable, the Lie Liveable 2019
To Make War on the Saints 2016
Tomb of the Lovers 2016
To Meet with Darkness in the Daytime 2017
Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address 2018
To My Old Master 2015
Tongue & Groove 2019
Tonguing Licks like Splinters in a Wrist 2022
Tonguing Whispers of Ancient Loves That Vanish in Tears 2021
To Pasargadae (Between Two Thrones and Heaven) 2015
To Pound a Lightweight without a Glove 2017
Torch Every Timber Shaft Down to Its Last Ember 2021
Torching the Psalms 2015
To Reign Among the Ruins 2018
To Relinquish the Sword for the Ring 2016
Torn Star 2012
To Save a Soul from the Mirror 2015
To See Another Through Something Other Than the Apparatus of the Eye 2018
To Suffer an Eclipse 2018
To Sustain the Weary with a Word 2017
To That Paphian Girl of Mine (Painted like the Night) 2017
To the Beloved in a Bathhouse 2015
To the Legs at Table 38 in the Uffizi Gallery Café 2016
To Traffic with the Devil Is to Pay His Price 2016
To Walk Soundlessly Over Loose Boards 2019
To Walk the Disaster’s Length 2019
Towers of Silence 2016
To Worship Within Windowless Walls 2020
Tracing Out Paths to Destinies Through Exits No One Knows 2021
Training to Wreck 2022
Tramontana 2015
Transit of Venus 2012
Translating Anguish Into English 2023
Trees and Pancake Mix 2004
Tributary 2016
Trimming the Lamps of the Idols 2019
Triple Entendre 2013
Triskelion 2020
True Romantics 2015
Truth Heard in the Wind 2015
Turned to Ash (Burned Alive)/In the Soft Light of the Flesh 2022
Turquoise Maserati 2023
Twisting Into a Braid Two Fates by One Shared Glimpse Sealed Against Shame 2023
Two Brunets 2021
Two Dudes 2016
Two Illuminations 2015
Two Labourers 2021
Two Silences 2014
Typhœus 2019
Typography and Tyranny 2016
Uncomfortably Prophetic 2021
Under No Stone Erected 2022
Under the Weight of a Single Tear 2016
Unfired Phœnix 2019
Unprotected Sex on the Desk of an Esteemed Assyriologist 2016
Unraged 2019
Until the Inquisition Catches Up with Me 2016
[Untitled] 2004
Untitled Kingdom 2016
Untransubstantiated 2020
Unzipping Flies 2020
Up Against Old Jezebel’s Tree 2012
Upon a Blossoming Throne 2019
Urban Hermitage 2019
“User Friendly” Over-Complicated 2007
Varlet Scapegrace 2020
Vengeance Performed in Stone 2023
Venus Verticordia 2019
Viaticum 2021
Victor & Victrola 2021
Videosyncrasy 2014
Vimanagram 2017
Virgin Lightning and the Invisible Crime 2015
Virgin Pearls Torn From a Soiled Tapestry 2021
Virgin Vault 2015
Virtues & Intentions 2019
Viscous Cycle 2020
Voces Magicæ 2017
Voice and Nothing More 2018
Volumes of Echoes 2015
Vulgar Banditry 2020
Wagering Eternity for a Teardrop 2017
Waiting for the Moving of the Water 2019
Waiting for What Gabriel Brings 2016
Waking Up to the Sound of Beauty (In Your Silence) 2019
Walking Alone in the City of the Cannibals 2019
War of the Words 2015
Waterless Places 2016
Wayward Creature 2018
We Are Who We Are 2012
Wearing Only Shadow Woven in Golden Filaments 2023
Wechsler 145 (WAIS-IV) 2018
Weeping at the Well 2016
We Found the Center at the Edge 2019
Well of Soles 2016
We’ll See How the Sky Catches Fire 2016
West Down Ventura 2012
(what am i supposed to do with tHIS heART?) 2012
What Scandal Drips into the Ear of Eve 2016
when god is going on (when is what is going on god and when is it not?) 2020
When I Wasn’t Rich 2014
When the Past Asks Something of the Present 2016
When the Soul’s Been Widowed 2015
When the Stars of Orion Are Blinking 2018
When Wolves Swam Among the Flocks 2018
Where Abundance Suffocates Joy 2019
Where All Flames Meet 2018
Where It Went, I Went Past 2016
Where No Moth Comes to Devour and No Worm Destroys 2020
Where People Remember to Forget Things 2022
Where the Storm Drives Me 2016
Where the Willow Does Not Weep 2016
Where the Willow Does Not Weep 2019
Where Water Walks on Us 2016
Whispering at the Edges of Perception 2023
Whispers Dissolve to Breath 2022
Whispers from the Edge 2016
Whispers Thicken Into Echoes 2020
White Ladies 2011
Whither Men Scarce Ever Come 2019
Whorrible 2011
Whose Elusive Truth Bruises Through This Flesh? 2020
Whose Newly-Pierced Bones Have Been Polishing Doctor Dee’s Old Shewstone? 2017
Whose Wife, Then, Will This Woman Be? 2017
Wicked Creatures 2019
Witching the Water 2020
With a Laugh in His Heart (Like a Knife in the Dark) 2023
With Fluid Steps (Trickling Toward the Lyric’s Edge) 2021
With My Brights on in a War-Time Dim-Out Zone 2023
Without a Sin, Without a Victim 2015
Without Fear or Favour 2014
Without God or Guardian 2016
With That Black-Eyed Intensity (Of Suffering and Spirit) 2018
With the Ghost of an (H) [«Hodie Non Cras!»] 2021
Words for Those to Drink Who Faint in the Wilderness 2017
’World’s Gone Mild 2012
Worse Than Legal 2020
Written on the Ribs (With a Quill From an Inkwell Into Which Milk Has Been Spilled) 2023
Written on the Wings of a Moth in the Mouth of a Golem 2022
Yeah, When I Romance 2012
Yesterday’s Nudes 2020
You, Listless 2014
Your Beauty Is More Proof of God Than I Need 2016
You Who Govern the Course of the Sun 2018
Zoetrope 2014