Follow the Path of the Lightning & Bolt!

                    Ask for forgiveness, not permission,
                                        taking from suffering a fresh breath,
                                                            a cleansing whiff inexperience
                                        gives, inhaling damage when it’s thick,
                    coming into life in a moment
death’s hand reaches around to torment,
                    that trigger-twitching millisecond
                                        cocking its pending magnificence,
                                                            destiny a poem anyone
                                        living can blame, but one you’ve written—
                    site its lines, fire into existence
a st(r)eaming web of li(n)es to fill up
                    this world with, a load silence deprives,
                                        speak as you (t)read: no apology,
                                                            no inhibition, arriving where
                                        you desire, without reservation,
                    inciting insurrection with eyes
heavenward, asserting with vigour
                    your utter rejection of this world,
                                        your iron spine’s electricity
                                                            striking poses those without any


                    integrity liken to flesh-toned
                                        lightning—fuck into minds words chosen
                                                            to frighten from them their ignorance,
                                        those parasite-people innocence
                    withdraws from, insidiots whose one
job it is to eat society
                    from inside, lacking the insight free
                                        thinkers each pride themselves on having
                                                            provided for themselves, severing
                                        links, deriving food from thought—unchain
                    your heart, don’t walk, run north of “normal,”
use your art to round that block mortals
                    stumble to grasp, attack those boxes
                                        whose walls their lack of logic paints dull,
                                                            never settle for or take their shit,
                                        use your love of knowledge to unlock
                    every roadblock they try to make
of your self-expression, find the door
                    hiding in plain sight, tear it open,
                                        turning it up as you throw them out—
                                                            follow the path of the lightning & bolt!