Die Letzten Tage

“Seven minutes in heaven / and I’m underwater when / you let go, choking to hold // that hand, to wrap my body / and spirit around the breeze…”


“It begins with an act, / putting a lamp in a cabinet, / fire in a basket, seed / in your hand, then fingering into / a womb your…”


“An atrocity of wounded feet / licks pavement, a fury of pigment / painting this generation’s degrading race / against facing its portrait of vacancy / wasting them, liking…”

Sealed by Sacred Glyphs

“There aren’t any / insignificant pyramids / only temples / whose altars have gone cold, burnt out // dark mirrors our / scars hold here, scalding our fears with / glyphs…”

Breath Play

“Salt and feather, flavours fall upon the ground, / wander without mercy into wind they shout / through, as their voices bound across wide rivers / of time…”