In a Blazing Orchard

“In a blazing orchard prayers and fires / overfill the cupped palms of desire, / spill through the latticed rafters of churched / fingers filaments crackling volumes / bent…”

Along Paths Unknown to Us

“Willows who cannot weep, indiscreet creeping / things bearded with insects, worms with / wings too willing to bend over / our own reflections and drink, we / are…”


“Charming the pearl out of an oyster / or an egg shedding its shell, moisture // knows well every crevice, trickles / until each swells those reddened nipples…”

Glyphing the Process

“Plastic petals of exertion sweat over the surface, / rubber with rhythmic routine the legs of this / charade’s aching structure, lay like purchased kisses hackneyed corpses…”