Sigils & Talismans

Unknown Artist – Moses and Aaron with the Tablets of the Law
Source: Unknown Artist, “Moses and Aaron with the Tablets of the Law,” 1692, oil on canvas, 69 × 89 cm, accession number C 1983.8.8.1, The Jewish Museum London, London.

As contingent as communication is on links, establishing connections in order to maintain them, so, too, is an operation of magic on correspondences. The chain that sustains what mojo you seek to create is tethered to seals.

From the Latin sigillum, source also of the word signature—in this case a graphic design unique to the spirit being called upon, or even condensing into a symbol your entire intention, conveyed as a written character or identifying mark; a visible calling-card of sorts for an invisible force empowering your work—these are the logos of the business of wizardry.

These are those cursive flourishes and angular formations found so often in grimoires—magicians’ personal books of ritual procedures, their aims, outcomes, and field notes.

Manuscripts and tomes yellowed with age, sometimes combining several other texts of forbidden wisdom within them, usually falsely ascribed to mythic figures as their authors, which survived by cunning deception and historical accident persecution and destruction over the centuries.

Most have been lost forever, many are still being discovered by scholars and practitioners, having often ended up in the dusty libraries of princes and eccentric collectors, now in the hands of universities and museums. The geometric language underlying those seemingly sinister squiggles is determined by any number of methods, and in some operations, they are given by the spirits to magicians themselves.

Talismans are objects constructed to extend the accomplishment of this communication, for ease of use in subsequent rituals, or to attract the spirit to the owner, wearer, or bearer of these items. The sigil can function on its own and be applied to talismans, or be adapted to other purposes.

Together and separate, these artworks are alive and serve as beacons to draw to the magician those spiritual creatures summoned by them, because they correspond to what represents and appeals to that being.

Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus, sive Unares | Aquilifer the Urban Hermit, or The One Thing

Sigils & Talismans from $64.00–$73.00

Notate Bene:

☞ In all cases, services are restricted to the consideration of one intention or theme. Described below are the essentials of each talismanic operation (magic by images, of which these are several varieties) being offered, and what purchasing each entails.

For any of the types offered here, there exists, of course, the opportunity to arrange an alternative format or approach tailored to the complexity of your requirements.

As noted, the cost for each covers a single service, and there are variations which can benefit sigils or talismans: media and material used in their design, æsthetic considerations linking them to you, astrologically significant times during which to compose and consecrate either, and other factors worth discussing upon purchase.

☞ Reviews: [Forthcoming]

Sigil Design, Composition, and Consecration

Beings need to be identified, as do things they seek; sigils are signatures working upon the mind of the Universe, and those within its spheres.

Commission for use in ritual workings a unique seal derived from an operation of spirit contact, a sigil refining your intention to its essential elements.

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USD $64.00 / CAD $64.00

Talisman Design, Composition, and Consecration

Where a sigil’s stylized sign summons to its use the spirit(s) it signifies, a talisman carries with its bearer the potential maintained in its material.

Actualizing a symbol’s potential to full magical power is what talismans do, by attracting to corresponding substance the attributes of what spirit(s) its material signifies.

Jono Borden – Talisman Design, Composition, and Consrcration by Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus – Buy Now

USD $73.00 / CAD $73.00