Bernardo Cavallino – The Shade of Samuel Invoked by Saul
Source: Bernardo Cavallino, “The Shade of Samuel Invoked by Saul,” about 1650–1656, oil on copper, 61 × 86.4 cm, accession number 83.PC.365, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

“…temptation giving in increments glimpses of satisfaction unrepentant…”

—from “Incanting Northward Ashen Folds of Incandescent Mourning Clouded Kohl” (2022.001)

Incanting Northward Ashen Folds of Incandescent Mourning Clouded Kohl 2022.001
Izebhel 2022.002
Impervious to Lightning’s Kisses 2022.003
Tarnishing the Tincture 2022.004
Therianthropy 2022.005
(Green as the Wood) By Turns Tender and Abusive 2022.006
A Bonegathering of Commonplace Fates 2022.007
A Longing in Prayer Remembered in Stone 2022.008
Bleeding Inside Each Other’s Wounds 2022.009
Drawn Forth From the Dragon’s Well 2022.010
Fear Is a Friend, Failure Is an Ally 2022.011
Kneeling Before the Gate’s Keeper 2022.012
Exhumerust 2022.013
Turned to Ash (Burned Alive)/In the Soft Light of the Flesh 2022.014
Bello/Brutto 2022.015
A Weekend Apocalypse Written in a Dream on a Wilderness of Sheets 2022.016
Inscribed in Flame on a Candle with No Ends, Lit from Within (When Praying to a Nameless Saint) 2022.017
Judging by the Jury’s Executioner’s Remorse, There Are Many Others Who’ve Gotten Away with Far Worse 2022.018
Death’s Fragrance Reduced to Two Sentences (Two sCents) 2022.019
Tonguing Licks like Splinters in a Wrist 2022.020
To Believe That You’re Not Leaving (After the Fire Goes Out) 2022.021
Christ-Stanced in a Sacrileged Place (Man Protected by the Shield of Faith) 2022.022
Stolen Fire (Falling From a Star) 2022.023
Letters in Bruised Language 2022.024
Dawn Defeats Dark 2022.025
The Anhedoniacs (Breath Erases Epitaphs) 2022.026
Written on the Wings of a Moth in the Mouth of a Golem 2022.027
Milking the Bone for an Oracle 2022.028
God Got in the Way 2022.029
Healing From Revealing Wounds Fingered Fresh When Passed Around 2022.030
Internecinematic Scenes of Destruction Experienced from Within (To Ignite Backlit Screens) 2022.031
Caught in a Love That’s a Lie 2022.032
Shameless Faithlessness 2022.033
Ink From Ashes 2022.034
A Bitten Cherry Rubbed Across Throbbing Lips 2022.035
Resurrected in Your Image 2022.036
Where People Remember to Forget Things 2022.037
Peacock in Monochrome 2022.038
Sundial (Planted in the Shade) 2022.039
Cotton to the Flame 2022.040
Steeping the Sky in Blood from Ruby Wounds 2022.041
The Sinless Paradise of Stolen Joys 2022.042
Dripping Into the Same Elixir 2022.043
Exultant, Rabid, Rampant 2022.044
A Thread Through the Vein 2022.045
Bride of the Eye 2022.046
Past Omnipresent 2022.047
OUTliar 2022.048
Poeta Non Grata 2022.049
Under No Stone Erected 2022.050
Nothing Matters (But What We Think Does) 2022.051
Erasing the Sum 2022.052
Diamonds With No One to Mine Them 2022.053
The Air of Hell Will Tolerate No Hymns! 2022.054
As a Tongue to a Drop of Fire 2022.055
To Burn Into Fullness of Bloom 2022.056
From Out of the Craving Void 2022.057
A Silvering Over of Sodden Eyes 2022.058
Stitched in Rivulets 2022.059
Envenomed in Vain 2022.060
Martyrs & Confessors 2022.061
Metaphors in the Mixture 2022.062
Recreational Antacids (For Whom This Heart Burns) 2022.063
Dialogue Between a Courtesan and a Gentleman (Overheard Breakfasting at a Brothel) 2022.064
And Into Ashes All My Lust 2022.065
Melody & Violence/Rhythm & Bruise 2022.066