Antoine Caron – Dionysius the Areopagite Converting the Pagan Philosophers
Source: Antoine Caron, “Dionysius the Areopagite Converting the Pagan Philosophers,” 1570s, oil on panel, 92.7 × 72.1 cm, accession number 85.PB.117, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

“…I am parentless, parenthetical as any true artist…”

—from “In the Flourishing” (2021.001)

In the Flourishing 2021.001
Tacit Pacts 2021.002
Sweating the Bell 2021.003
The Unlikely Likely One 2021.004
A Smile to Stain Satin 2021.005
Mourning Sects 2021.006
Silver Splatter Patterns 2021.007
Adelphopoiesis 2021.008
Blare the Bluster of That Babel 2021.009
To Dispose of an Oath 2021.010
Bloodguiltiness 2021.011
Santalum album + Angelica archangelica 2021.012
The Undertaker’s Understudy 2021.013
Victor & Victrola 2021.014
Blinding the Oracle 2021.015
Two Labourers 2021.016
Climbing by Tendrils 2021.017
South of the Mouth 2021.018
Out of the Fog of Our Waking 2021.019
Ipecacuanha 2021.020
Kneeling Before Ezel 2021.021
Reddened from the Violence of Fire 2021.022
Prayer for an Eclipse 2021.023
The Coming Prince 2021.024
Melody & Violence 2021.025
Powder-Blue Négligée (White Go-Go Boots) 2021.026
Pre-Coital Post-Script 2021.027
Agastya 2021.028
Taste Your Self on My Lips 2021.029
Soma/Sema 2021.030
Birdsong Against Copper Tears 2021.031
Son of a Mason Who Made Monuments in Stone 2021.032
Three & Thirty 2021.033
Two Brunets 2021.034
Catholic Damage 2021.035
With Fluid Steps (Trickling Toward the Lyric’s Edge) 2021.036
On the Night When He Poisoned My Rest 2021.037
Oblique 2021.038
On Red Sand Stand Bent Towers of Blue for the Glimpse of the Few to Apprehend 2021.039
Sisterhood of the Shallow Breath 2021.040
Greed Will, in the Temple, Blind 2021.041
Sigh as We Might, Breath Is Breath Is Breath, Is Life… 2021.042
Bullets in the Temple (To Open Closed Minds) 2021.043
Le Passe-muraille 2021.044
Pale as Death, Naked as Sin, and Witched 2021.045
OCcULtUS 2021.046
A Meeting of Flesh With Bone 2021.047
Sabrina Saturnalia 2021.048
Medea (Deus Ex Machina) 2021.049
Tracing Out Paths to Destinies Through Exits No One Knows 2021.050
Muses of the Spheres 2021.051
With the Ghost of an (H) [«Hodie Non Cras!»] 2021.052
Stars Falling From Flaming Balls of Light 2021.053
An Uncertainty of Curtains, a Dispute of Veils 2021.054
Dimidiatus 2021.055
Viaticum 2021.056
Tonguing Whispers of Ancient Loves That Vanish in Tears 2021.057
A Trap Door Back to My Self 2021.058
Incendere Pontes (Hoc Phœnix Necessitatibus Cineres) 2021.059
Love Among the Romantics 2021.060
Headlong to Madness or Glory 2021.061
Uncomfortably Prophetic 2021.062
Into a Labyrinth Without a Thread 2021.063
Fill Each Other Then Pass Out Together 2021.064
Steel Your Glance, After the Peak Falls the Glimpse, Fails the Glamour to Produce Its Effect (Desire Dissipates, Distance Spreads) 2021.065
This Is Me With Nothing 2021.066
If You’re Not Someone I Love Already, Then It Means Nothing to Me to Be Loved by You (Nobody) 2021.067
Chaos Has Followed You, or You Have Led It 2021.068
Splitting the Rib 2021.069
Jezrahiah the Hæresiarch 2021.070
Mount Hope Bay 2021.071
Desolate Timbers Call for Wendigoëtic Measures (Tracing Triangles of Art in the Dark) 2021.072
A Month in Mouths of Forked Tongues 2021.073
Sacking Byzantium 2021.074
Liber Spirituum 2021.075
Sapient Homo 2021.076
Saturnine Saturn Day Night-Goals for Underworlding Mercurial Night-Owls—“Please Do Not Disturb,” Underdogging Worldlings Need Not Be Concerned… 2021.077
Lured to Destruction by the Sweetness of Song 2021.078
Torch Every Timber Shaft Down to Its Last Ember 2021.079
(Life’s) Just a Physical Reaction (To the Illusion That’s the World) 2021.080
Misty-Eyed Mystified 2021.081
Constellating This Mess of Stardust 2021.082
Promethean Powerhouse 2021.083
Eclipsed Son 2021.084
Open Hand (Winking Palm) 2021.085
Pale Petals Ossifying Opaque 2021.086
Catacomb Saint 2021.087
Ophelia the Prophetess 2021.088
Virgin Pearls Torn From a Soiled Tapestry 2021.089
Stag in the Sanctuary 2021.090
Andreas 2021.091
Apricot Crop-Top (Polka-Dot Ascot, Ink-Blot Hot-Pants/Tie-Dyed Cut-Offs, Popped Squat) 2021.092
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: One 2021.093
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Two 2021.094
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Three 2021.095
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Four 2021.096
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Five 2021.097
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Six 2021.098
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Seven 2021.099
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Eight 2021.100
For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Nine 2021.101
A Hand Dealt Face Down 2021.102
As If to Profane the Blasphemous, How Irreverence Now Descends on Our Vacancy the Way Fate Swallows an Eclipse (Poetic Justice) 2021.103
Milking Ink from a Blurring of Place 2021.104
Deserter (Double Bref Double) 2021.105
Capitalist Hymns 2021.106
Beware of the Things People Say in Beautiful Ways 2021.107
Conspicuous at Olympia (Incantation for Gorgias) 2021.108
Pôr as cartas na mesa (Carta para Miguel) 2021.109