British (English) School – An Old Testament Prophet (or a Priest in a Black Scapular)
Source: British (English) School, “An Old Testament Prophet (or a Priest in a Black Scapular),” circa 1610–1615, oil on panel, 33 × 38 cm, accession number 1430496.17, Chastleton House, National Trust, Moreton-in-Marsh.

Consecrating a circle to define sacred space creates for the magician a boundary that which manifests to a perceptible presence beyond its borders cannot penetrate. Only a dialogue can traverse both worlds, as words flow forth in exchange between each, shaping from shadow what form enlightenment might become as the ritual goes on.

More than the evocation of some summoned being, something more than spiritual ascends or descends at the practitioner’s command. Sorcerous is this enchantment, and how potent its pull once the rite ends depends on discipline. Firm resolve resplendent with love for adventure and not lust of result conjures to surface success. But, how does one get what one wants when, wanted more than anything else mentioned by either wizard and visitor, conjuror blurs into inquisitor?

Abstract questions to ponder, to be sure, whether or not, and how much, how far, to push for and harder the order over a chaos of swirling desires. Here is where Aquilifer appears inquisitive and all ears to offer his interpretation and suggestion of structure, such that what you plan on performing works true to its purpose. Whatever your intention, what you present him benefits from his perception.

Armed as you will be with better refined magical weapons—the best laid plans coursing the veins of your chosen tradition of action—after a session of one-on-one conferencing, having for your convenience of reference a detailed report to which to refer will ensure your path is tread as though it were yours alone to scorch and no one else’s. Set ablaze will be every doubt and all indecision. When you commission a personal, confidential review of your praxis, you acquire an assessment to be built upon as your development’s foundation.

How is this midwifed into an accomplishment? By attaining that conversation which complemented master and apprentice since magic began attracting the devotion to its employment those serving as its engineers of so sacred a function. To transcend the limits of that circle’s protection through questioning your illusions of shortcomings. To produce confidence while confiding secrets of this art.

Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus, sive Unares | Aquilifer the Urban Hermit, or The One Thing

Wisdom from $82.00–$91.00

Notate Bene:

☞ In all cases, services are restricted to the consideration of one intention or theme. Described below are the essentials of each secret colloquy (private magical conference, of which these are several varieties) being offered, and what purchasing each entails.

For any of the types offered here, there exists, of course, the opportunity to arrange an alternative format or approach tailored to the complexity of your requirements.

As noted, the cost for each covers a single service, and there are considerations of collaboration and confidentiality pervading either interaction offered; though communing with a stranger, trust is essential and what is being given above all else. Reviews of magical practices need not be face-to-face, although audiences purchased shall.

☞ Reviews: [Forthcoming]

Consultation by Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus

What elevates routine to ritual is action done with intention, where will acquires its power to manifest desire is when every element has been considered.

Commission with confidence a detailed review of your practice and proposed outcomes, having an experienced eye and discerning mind guide you planning working successful operations.

Jono Borden – Consultation by Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus – Buy Now

USD $82.00 / CAD $82.00

Audience with Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus

Myths emerge from traditions for centuries occulted by shadowy gaps in their histories, birthed by oral tradition; tales woven until cryptic truths elude, requiring teachers.

Master to apprentice, mentor to protégé, magic has long been whispered when transmitting secrets of its art, now you can continue the conversation with one.

Jono Borden – Audience with Aquilifer Eremita Urbanus – Buy Now

USD $91.00 / CAD $91.00