Aspersions Cast for an Oracle


Breaking at a mountain pass,
through the four pillars of
the Eastern Gate, Western faces
aching for enlightenment’s awakening, how

even here taking forever takes
its toll, wisdom’s elusive joke
burning holes optimism fades to
absorb, citizens of the world

defecting, awaiting an epiphany’s undertaking,
unbidden understanding unseen by those
present stands arrogant painting an
answer another’s question posed for,


allure intimidates with promises of
alternatives none offers but everyone
anticipates, wonder pulsing toward a
precipice saunters border, an edge

toes teeter over, aversion turned
to attraction reverts again to
uncertain fortune, gossamer offered sure
as air on which is

carried daggers of dubious thought,
no more dangerous is trusting
in their power’s loss, for
what is carried on the


wind passes on, falls off,
as every worry always does,
as light pulled by love
through stained glass comforts one,

so shatters all illusion of
hope lost, at this crossroads
the journey calls to continue
on what a wounded heart

started by parting from its
ache the way these rocks
parted from the path’s trodden
moss to become mountaintops, way


back when evolution began its
trend, here where caravans often
stop, aspersions cast for an
oracle drop hints on which

magicians pick up, messages those
with quickened wit make less
than cryptic, transmuting confusion to
hit lyrics, broken men breaking

open Armageddon scrolls of difficult
truths minds abuse discarded hearts
with as if being wounded
suited them better than freedom.