Fuck, Like, a Demon

                    i. Styx (Drink of Death)

Ripples in lead, how slate flakes from
     this rock’s bed. Annihilating
     persuasion of angels who, for
     ages, toward this cave fled. Ache
     an accent inflecting this pain’s
     language when taking from split lips
     its advantage over talking shit.
     From tongues walking dead over grins
     an immediate collapse asks
     beneath cracks from what mouth comes this
     accident of truth against teeth
     pressed. A bird burning its own nest
     whose sweat phœnixes in jest wet

                    ii. Phlegethon (Drink to Cleanse)

connective tissue, torn sinews
     neglect ingests. Next this effort
     wrecks to resurrect what Self such
     self-interest mimics in death.
     Immolating rest that curses
     tablets across which sprawl furtive
     wings tipped in oil caresses worth
     spilling secrets as if shadow
     birthed what heals regrets. For too slick
     are these pseudepigraphies far
     too esoteric for clues to drip
     from onto what altars egos
     confuse for mattresses big heads

                    iii. Cocytus (Drink to Lament)

need when worshipped by idiots.
     Metamorphosis invests flesh
     with renewed interest gods bless.
     Yet fools pursue, less gratitude,
     that wealth which accrues as it tempts.
     What loss is it, really, to fuck
     and perhaps, even then, to like,
     a demon whose bargain some sin
     promises, when, beneath someone’s
     artifice, emerges from skin
     what envy inks in those moments
     those jealous of us covet what
     is only an image’s lust?

                    iv. Lethe (Drink to Forget)

Neon in a mirror combusts
     as it does before doubled. Thus,
     pastel gas colours just as much
     whether glimpsed or truly touched. Bled,
     it was, that sacrificial bird
     whose sacrifice yours it was to
     believe what only in words your
     voice, reading this, conjured through speech.
     And yet, needing no witness, an
     agreement now exists. A pact
     your eyes negotiate, this page
     and its litter of pixels trashed
     bricks zeroes or ones manifest.