Prayer for an Unknown Purpose


Come, take mud. With wet
earth, purify the door-post of
the unlit bedchamber. Satisfy the
darkness purged. With offering of

breath across open palms to
lips pressed, intone and exhale
the name of some love
lost. Pray to forget what

caused silence to visit this
host. Praise at the threshold
those whose bare feet have
tiptoed in and out of

this ossuary where, once boned,
one ghosts. Hold in the
chalice of an open mind
what to be held must


be let go of, lest
its interest wet with intrigue
what purity heart seeks, leaking
bleedings of desire trust, in

fire, combusts to ashes enough
that lies and tears rust
to ink that which fantasy
cremates. Crawl toward bed’s edge.

Of an aching memory make
upon an empty mattress a
solemn place. Of an unclothed
body, from posture of honesty,

form for those anguish shapes
the shade of prayer for
an unknown purpose your nudity
illuminates. Wake what flames disintegrate.