Past Omnipresent


He’s proved windows have wrong impressions,
we’ve moved into past omnipresent,
given what wasn’t mentioned awful
for him I’m his reflection whose best

angle is my indelible trend
of tending to scribble free-hand men’s
expressions, these digressions written
anticipating happening tests

pressing against waxen wings tensions
Icarus never felt his dad’s love
lessen, some strange strength in upsetting
tradition, listening syllable

          to decibel how falling helps them,
          descendants who know well decimal


bloodlettings tell, how his .357
Magnum failed to defend him that day
death took away to make a saint hell’s
patron paterfamilias unrest

necessitates I pray for when I
write my life, distinct but not distant,
deviant but not deviating
from our paternal canon’s distressed

obsession with being different,
individualism’s inheritance
a possession by assassins,
passionate as knife-bent ritual

          custodians of conversations
          hindsight glimpses as hurt ancestral.