Whispers Dissolve to Breath


     Black dahlias whispers dissolve
to breath echo dismembered, bludgeon in
     the heart what song threaded along
a string when the moon is bleeding leads on,
     sing of becoming something strong.

     Back when all was, in vision, longed
for gossamer intent tore open hard,
     my hand through a web puncturing
again another ending’s mirrored shard,
     only then did silver mend scars.


     Payment of respect reflecting
relentless as mourning grimace, across
     kettle metal convex, gestures
what being so smug boils down to pours forth,
     drinking in what hubris affords.

     Searing tears conforming to curves
perform in seconds what moments fear turns
     to years, breakfasting with regret
at this brothel table pity rejects,
     how miserable is excess!


     How predictable freedom is,
as on tomorrow’s credit, at pleasure’s
     expense, we who sorrow visits
exit before can be collected its
     debt against loneliness borrowed.

     An impossibility of
forgetting fragrances thick memories
     an impostor enemy love
gifts the head guilt such as this tends
     to sever and, remembered, splits!