A Bonegathering of Commonplace Fates

          A Discourse on the Upping of Antes
                    and the Seconding of Chances—

To pour a desert into a lake takes
for its feat’s toll what’s been granted gratis
by those keepers of these memories, this
cabal of lepers keeping gates vacant

of seekers awaiting their face-to-face
with exiled fathers, developers of
the very plots each orphaned heir wants wrought
differently, to talk shop vis-à-vis

pencilling in more irony, since ends
left loose require only one backstroking
reversion to let flourish discouraged
origins for once unpenned, amends made

not in revision but acknowledgment
of dissonance echoing chances missed,
in their stilling from waving forms ripples
resounding with tempests calmed by shuffling

repetitive narratives, in sampling
candid what-ifs wishing accomplishes
a bonegathering of commonplace fates
no one with half a soul would waste this way.