Against Incrœdipal Gods


Swallowing slivers of light thrown
with thunder stolen by sisters
whose fingers mirror orchids grown
to bolt from opening blisters

what fists hold whispers this garden
of scars hardens to brazen shards
on the charred copper armour bent
while caressed with which none can part

velvet scrolls to embrace in folds
what coral storm kohl petals tear
to absorb and secrets poured out
fragrance with fullest force layer

          after layer of flowers in
          fulfillment of oracles drench


here against incrœdipal gods
midnight-coloured liminal tears
wash on but never off what drops
of obsidian thought form fears

for blind to giving in are minds
visions deprived of life question
intent on getting out of binds
vixens wicked as them wrest from

heroes accustomed to success
for here flows a dustbin’s ash cold
as tragedy audiences
fail to grasp and greet with laughs gold

          exchanges for cash fragrant curse
          love’s murderous current perverts.