Dissolving Correspondences (A Triple Helix of Golden Cord Whose Art’s Key an Unseen Hand Holds)

          🜍 • Sulphur
                    (Organization • Combustible • Flame)

Diseases brought here by the stars,
evil heals evil, that of god
within man can handle all, calls

console, causal song choirs until
choral a length of suffering
a life long, its rope’s choking hold

endured alone, negotiate
in prayer with another’s to give
your demon a soul, to bestow

          🜔 • Salt
                    (Mass • Unchangeable • Ash)

upon partial total control,
if not wholeness, then a hole held
secure, from its blood a sword mends

what wound its thrust caused to occur,
uncured warriors defined by
whatever medium we move

through, elemental how basic
this primal pull to ward from bound
flesh what crisis captive within

          ☿ • Mercury
                    (Activity • Volatile • Smoke)

sounds to bruised skin its petition,
dissolving correspondences
from ritual after witching

with sulphur calm water perspired
volatile while we exert our
performances of power, fight

again and again this battle
no one else in their own struggle
ever betters as magic does.