Flowers From Strangers


Brothel with a duvet cover
charge, fallen women who’ve risen,
what we’ve been healing is the image of

you leaving, before the grieving
nudity of millions of winking stars
bleeding to believe in freedom,


now we need to see to seeking
to drink in these tears of yours we
feed to our flowers from strangers need wears

out with its begotten, wanton
glowering before misters offering
unheeded their showering with


gifts this incredible little
ability to forget them,
to forgive sins, to transgress then split, yes,

this conviction of ours to live
and let live those men whose reflections each
of us is, brazen images


graven with idolatrous kiss
taken and taken by moments
as time’s toll for pleasure given to all

whose wishes these bodies fulfill,
vessels, conduits, portals, dolls playful
skill animates until play kills!