A Place of Abandon Our Gathering Makes Again Sacred

                    i. Ace of Swords

You speak in a square
     with such sharp edges, circling
          the point you don’t make.
               Every night suitors pursue the

same dragon of love. We
     must be judicious in choosing
          to be consumed, or the
               truth we refuse will undo

                    ii. Two of Cups

us. From the four rings
     of broken elements forgi(vi)ng a
          fifth, consecrating this desolate place
               we visit in silence with

our bond of a kiss.
     Ruinous as it is passionate,
          from disturbed earth grows a
               gift to uproot all we

                    iii. Three of Wands

wish to forget. A place
     of abandon our gathering makes
          again sacred. This geometry need
               sanctifies antagonizes those who would

seek to uncover its li(n)es
     these lips conceal. They who
          would conquer its appeal would
               discover only that its power

                    iv. Four of Pentacles

is to heal, without limit,
     what, within, has been forsaken
          by them being so indifferent
               to its openness their making

of boundaries makes of something
     so pure, so simple, so
          big a deal. We are
               what we feel, broken mirrors.