A Spirit Shaken From the Ashes of an Ancient Magic’s Fragrant Perfume


Velvet exasperations crush
idolatrous desecrations
of loves this lust’s been cremating.
Ashing urns with dust-binned urges

fervent fingertips creeping their
cryptic cursive through bushes blood-
rushes of silence blush, hushed touch
man-handles what flesh emerges

nude and subdued, wet enough, flushed.
Sweat, in the same vein as tears, wept
spirit shaken from the ashes
of an ancient magic’s fragrant

          perfume, performs anonymous
          offerings up of youth’s fading.


Luminescent presence entrusts
to its menacing thrust this crotch
jewels of seed encrust. These rings
around virginity’s loss dressed

as theft decadences dance and
pass off as gifts! Promises much
broken by hymns unspoken dirge,
in moments this perverse, song pressed

by tongues against lips, ambushes
of kisses commit to some strange
wilderness passionate crimes fed
on pilfered innocence taken

          from cradles inhabit. This pulse
          fists dissolve throbs gods’ libations!