Internecinematic Scenes of Destruction Experienced from Within (To Ignite Backlit Screens)

          Dal Segno al Coda—


i didn’t drop your name
so much as let it
fall from my lips before
he leaned in with his
for our first kiss, after

letting slip you were such
a major influence of his,
and i confessed i had
known you then before we
both were famous, back when

we were kids, in my
more lamentable childhood which, ever
since i became my self,
no longer exists, but i
know you read what i

make still and will take
the time to glimpse this,
so know insofar as memory
persists all is well between
us, no matter how my

pen twists the way a
knife does into another’s back
in telling of what i
once was, how near to
nothingness i would have been

had i not moved on,
as far away from that
place only we escaped, creating
our own controlled chaos to
deify our fears lest they

anthropomorphize what demons within us
writhe toward surfacing and dimple
our flesh with records of
life’s bumps, making waves making
money making sayings making statements

breaking cycles original as any
self-created individuals can be, our
rivalry catalyst for my nuptials,
my husband, to give a
fuck, to give of your

blood the way a water
nymph does hers, filling up
our cup with her self,
sacrificial generosity for those of
us left with never enough,

a dearth, bereft of love
when surrounded by showerings down,
floods of lust dousing with
tongues of spark touching hearts
the way flames embrace kerosene


an element of poetic justice,
not a spot of mental
illness, into fitness, health conscious,
big business, bulging breeches, never
raises a hand, only a

glass to you, believes in
what together you both can
do, real protective too, so
how did he get so
bad to you so soon?

so much more evil than
your typical men usually are?
suddenly so prone to ruin?
and you seduced to go
through its darkest hardship again?