George Elliott Clarke on Jono Borden

George Elliott Clarke's review of Jono Borden's Simple Simony
Source: Clarke, George Elliott. “Brazen Halifax poet set to rise from obscurity.” Rev. of Simple Simony by Jono Borden. The Chronicle Herald 12 July 2014 (Volume 65, Number 165): F7. Print and Web.

Celebrated author, scholar, and Poet Laureate of Toronto, George Elliott Clarke has glowingly reviewed Jono’s transgressive debut, Simple Simony, in The Chronicle Herald, which Borden’s readers can glance on here.

Referring to Jono as “brazen,” Clarke posits that the Provocateur-Poet is “set to rise from obscurity,” comparing Borden to Byron, Blake, Laforgue, Dylan, Cohen, and even Hendrix, likening him to a “great, rock songsmith,” saying of Jono, “Dude’s got guts!”