7×5 (Uncut)

Jono Borden – 7×5 (Uncut)

7×5 (Uncut)

(Spoken Word Album.) Not only can poets be big dicks, but they often have them, too. For the self-proclaimed “Provocateur-Poet,” Jono Borden unabashedly unzips and whips out of his flagrant mind an incendiary double album of recent works he utters like unapologetic confessions. His deep drawl lays lyrics lasciviously at the feet of any and every one tempted to receive what he has to say.

Finding an audience has never been hard for Borden, whose bibliography already exposes his defiant versatility, whether waxing decadent in his debut book, Simple Simony, or clashing cultures and conquering taboos in Isaac & Iskandar. Always one to blur the line between “high” and “low” art, Jono’s aural jaunt is a concoction listeners can swallow in two portions which mirror that dichotomy—the first part of 7×5 (Uncut) distills Borden’s fantasies and conquests without filter, while its chaser opines on the pains of literary life.

Part I – Lust
  1. Down the Barrel
  2. 7×5 (Uncut)
  3. Out of Time into Eternity
  4. War of the Words
  5. Argonaughtyca
  6. Prussian Blues
  7. Chicago in May
  8. Head over Heils
  9. Buried in the Most Perfect Oblivion
  10. Cloudburst
  11. Intermission
  12. A Heart That Is Distant Creates a Wilderness around It
  13. Blind Men Tracing the Circle
  14. Dancing like Hieroglyphics, the Truth at Twenty-One Is Enough to Subdue Some with Its Metaphysics
  15. L’Homme 100 têtes (homme sans tête)
  16. Pasteural
  17. To the Beloved in a Bathhouse
  18. Kisses like Little Fists
Part II – Literature
  1. Bringing Volcanoes to the Hills
  2. On Shoulders like Ours (The Burden of Poets)
  3. No Star Wears a Veil
  4. The Return of Miss Hypatia Leigh
  5. Silent Alarm
  6. Volumes of Echoes
  7. When the Soul’s Been Widowed
  8. A Prisoner under Every Regime
  9. Hearts of Iron, Tears of Ink
  10. To Add a Story to the Tower of Babel
  11. The Weapon of Art
  12. In Bed at the Adlon
  13. Beneath the Eyes and Ears of the World
  14. Eternal Spirit of the Chainless Mind
  15. Forced Sorcery/Pay the Sage
  16. The Eve of Red Tuesday
  17. Back on the Horse

“His chutzpah is bracing, brazen. [He has what] one finds in Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Jimi Hendrix, and the words of other great, rock songsmiths. Dude’s got guts!”
—George Elliott Clarke, Poet Laureate of Canada


Halifax: Jono Borden | First Pressing (October 18, 2016)
Rights Territory: Worldwide

CIPO Registration 1155175

☞ Subjects (LCSH):

Autobiographical poetry | Erotic poetry | Lyric poetry | Spoken word poetry | Rock music—Canada—2011–2020 | Popular music—Canada—2011–2020

☞ Form/Genre (LCGFT):

Musical settings | Studio recordings | Poetry readings (Sound recordings) | Spoken word poetry

☞ Subjects (BISAC):

POE021000 POETRY / LGBT | POE023020 POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Love & Erotica | POE011000 POETRY / Canadian

☞ Keywords (BISAC):

Lyrics | Electronic | Pop Vocal | Rock | Individual Composer & Musician | Composition | Songwriting

☞ Classification (LCC):

M1679.18.B67 S48 2016

☞ Classification (DDC):

782.42/164—dc23 | 782.42164 B673s

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