The Imprecisionist

“Bent like a syllable around a breath / speaking your name is life after death takes / from existence all but the last of health’s / consolation, making…”


“There is nowhere the light of god does / not reach, no private part he does not / touch, the hermit holds a lamp not to // guide…”


“No morals ’cause it’s not a fable / My crazy attracts crazier / I’m not worried about privacy / I’m concerned about exposure // No, I’m not over it…”

Salix babylonica

“Death is also here, // in the form of resurrection, / the heterodox hierophant / whose knocking at the / temple gate lets us know we are / not alone…”

Oculus Sinister

“The blood recognizes / the blood in another, knows well / that the best way to control one’s // surroundings is to control one- / self not others, wisdom’s / revealing…”


“Sex in the air, wind in your hair, / sin in your ear, a creeping of / peeping glances nears your warmth’s lair, / that grotto where vines…”


“Folding over waves of a discomforter’s / libations, an invisible yet / palpable menacing of fingers weaves in / its net of destruction a lure which / will catch…”

Prayer in Reverse

“When moved by a work of art, that / means we have discovered an artist who / thinks and feels like us, inherent / colloquy leading us // out…”