Act of Contrition

Dear God, I am consummately sorry for having gone against you and I fear your retribution as much as I love your grace and I vow to amend my life and to avoid sin. Please forgive me. Amen.

Prayer for Friends

By Your might, O Lord, grant my friendships the longevity of a mighty nation, everlasting in days and founded upon a just constitution. Cause my friends to love me with the strength I have for them. Give me the devotion to honour them through Your grace. Amen.

Prayer for Family

O Father, grant your everlasting peace and benefaction to my mother, my brother, and my stepfather, that in all their days they may know Your love and protection. Permit us to keep one another and defend our line through Your glory. Amen.

Prayer for Protection

Get behind me, Satan! With the power of Christ I rebuke you! Lord above, protect me and those I love from evil. Cause us not to stray and shield us with Your armour. Amen.

Prayer for Knowledge

Divine Word, like a sweet rumour You travel on swift wings. The fruit of Your journeys is knowledge, and I wish to sup at its font. Empower me to know. Amen.