Eyes Pledged to Idols


Eyes pledged to idols envy hollows
those sockets each bestows with glory
for having opened to become some
nude jewel’s newest bed, shine from sighs.

Utter devotion with no word said,
or tearful shedding, of what follows
making sacred absences, as big
as this, has been for him whose own sight

he blinded to provide what pride allows
his patron deity to accept.
What sacrifice mortals forget shows
more devotion than showing up numbed

          by what ritual attempts he knows
          go a long way when by nerve summoned.


Electric, then, this intense shadow
wrapping around appendages its
presence singes with static to strum
against, and send messages itch writhes

to write on bodies what in minds feels
the way an ending does when by those
whose hands wrote it, authors extend for
some time this climax gods contend by

another’s fist to vanquish when flows
its reward. Milked forward to pour forth
when an urge pulls off what some fellow,
such as this, works in his bed’s lonesome

          crib to birth from within skin scorch throws
          its heat’s teeth against, this bones run from.