For Nine Days Does the Anvil Fall: Five

Haze of fragrance no gaze can
penetrate dominates the
gateway of the maze, takes place
and changes time, manages

with vanishing fingertips
to erase passages hands
trace over caressed edges
bastard sons of Dædalus

in their own designs flaw plans
of his by, this gloominess
obnubilating lessons
that might justify wrongs, make

          sages or elder statesmen
          of boys lost within its chase.


Penetrating the beyond, man
facing his animal want
concentrates on an embrace
criminal anywhere else,

this panting cannibalism
hidden between reflection
and repulsion, scraping walls
after the manner of dogs,

boundary an emulsion,
an illusion, of two fools
confusing putrid gardens
of dissolving aftertaste

          for liminal hints often
          promising hate’s false escapes.