Liber Spirituum

          I. Ménages à trois au crépuscule

                    i. Baal, Paimon, Beleth

Orchard of bone, river of stone
each leaf of monument fists hold
Edeny even as the east’s
Enemy serpentines the dirt

                    ii. Purson, Asmodeus, Vine

of this road’s crookèd path alone,
at once at home and abhorred, throats
exiled by desire from a meal’s
warmth toward hunger’s forked tongue, locked

                    iii. Balam, Zagan, Belial

in hooves looking for someone, some
danger’s fun, anything now but
the one, hooked horns crescenting the
setting sun, reminding dusk an

                    iv. Amdusias, Agares, Valefar

angel’s just a vagrant with found
pigeon wings, as much a locust
in a plague’s embrace as a trope
signifying grace, majestic

                    v. Barbatos, Gusion, Eligos

those two rock doves were, stowaway
birds aboard our past’s ancestral
transatlantic passages whose
hoards their feral flourishing’s loose

                    vi. Zepar, Bathin, Saleos

feathers lost in some foul weather
the tar of our leather loafers,
hikers, boots, and sneakers each with
democratizing soles of worn

                    vii. Aim, Buné, Berith

rubber trample as warmth rolls off
toward the scorch of another
day’s end soaring hopes fall from, brows
lowering as do standards, heads

                    viii. Astaroth, Focalor, Vepar

accomplishing nothing but an
uncertain attachment to an
attraction only flesh knows for
sure, allures with its pull this walk

                    ix. Vual, Crocell, Allocer

across thresholds of brittle rock,
gravel, workers laboured to haul
along this landfill route now an
unvisited park at harbour’s

                    x. Murmur, Gremory, Vapula

edge where this city’s hidden men
hunting unspoken pain in the
open seek after lust hoping
not to find or have to face full

                    xi. Flauros, Dantalion, Vassago

on themselves and their demons long
suffering and sick from waiting
after dark, cruising an ill, an
unacknowledged art, its artful

                    xii. Sitri, Ipos, Gaap

unacknowledgement a skilled and
maladaptive practice, a dance,
a risk, a ritual, a bet
of flitting feat gamboled away,

          II. Les trinités infernales des portes de l’aube

                    i. Stolas, Orobas, Seir

albeit one much past its hey
day’s wailing prevalence, its pang’s
taunting jest persists, its itch and
aching’s angsting throb egging on

                    ii. Gamigin, Aamon, Leraje

fading generation against
unfazed generation pitted,
resisting aging yet raging,
maturing beyond innocence

                    iii. Naberius, Ronové, Forneus

in sinful haste’s banquet of dust’s
irrevocable instant, an
initiation, pederasts
and philosophes libertine in

                    iv. Marchosias, Phenex, Sabnock

their lack of moderation, each
act an unlawful craving’s raunch
repetition, an echoing
threat without an absent father’s

                    v. Shax, Orias, Andras

audible response, a secret
reaction to being involved
with a love outlawed, and on this
loneliest spot men bound by some

                    vi. Andrealphus, Kimaris, Decarabia

stigma’s resonance of shadow
and dissonant ache of want, that
singular hunt calls us to pace
and to pause, glancing askance at

                    vii. Furfur, Malthus, Raum

each other, peeking at each throbbed
crotch’s palmed cache, thoughts rubbing soft
against what hands want to touch, what
mouths want to engulf the way flame

                    viii. Bifrons, Andromalius, Furcas

does a diary’s trust in its
worthlessness to anybody
else but oneself, this hell’s book of
spirits breaking open my own,

                    ix. Barbas, Buer, Botis

cracking mine at the spine, rigoured
ardour in your disregard for
bigger pictures than what you find
ablaze with the absurdity

                    x. Morax, Glasya-Labolas, Foras

of wordless decrees demanding
that we beg on bent knees for when
needing to be, to be seen, to
be believed, for what we are, read

                    xi. Malphas, Haagenti, Camio

between lies to perceive what reads
like chronologies of trysts those
chroniclers of lives lived missed,
for unfoliated the flesh

                    xii. Ose, Amy, Valac

to which is confined this list names
evasive of memory rip,
pore, exfoliate, and ink with
whispers of wicked deeds witnessed.