Tracing Out Paths to Destinies Through Exits No One Knows

I cared not for consequences, but wrote.


Visions radiantly true
Don’t change with age. Those that have had them do.


Believing in your love is a risk. To • make whole our broken heaven from what we • stole of their crippling abyss—to keep our • pledge—we hide our grudge. Imagine instead of • give kisses too much for them to witness. • How unforgiving the blindness of the unwashed public. • Eyes against which oblivion oppresses. This window itself • gossip smashes. Rumour wields a sledgehammer. Thor’s immortal • protection vanishes in moments flesh inhabits. Hedge between • both hands—my right, your left, as I • guide and guard you from this path’s edge, • shield your boots, your pants, your jacket, shared • time which watches from your wrist from the • filth of passing carriages—hands which cannot be • held, not unless we invite unwelcomed death, hedging • between palms one wish the width of a • single breath we together exhale, sighing patience. Two • kids whose tourniquet this personal experience ever is, • always tightening its grip. Always public. Perpetual how • the coming-out persists, never ceases, refuses respect. Nobody’s • business to begin with. Reasons why hearts are • shaped like fists write their lists in clenched • lips of silence, akin to how “violins” sounds • like “violence.” “Sublime” and “bloodline” are slant-rhymes. Pedigreed • parrots, our legacy is the inheritance of misfits. • We are bardic artists embargoed by reluctant audiences— • punished for what we express, life lived as • it is—committed to distancing from our sphere • of existence those whose talking heads are blocks • dropped atop bodies enslaved by the world of • form to take on the shapes of unfinished • pyramids. Capitalism is the last religion and failing. • Materialism is a myth. To make panties drop • and pussies drip, we do this. Poke bears, • stroke dicks. For men who—in the form • of books—arrange themselves like us, in libraries • of Selves fortified against a world we distrust, • this practice of being at once alienating and • enlightened allures those most in need of our • smut. What we publish we know masses will • pass-off as rubbish, but true wealth consists in • •


its worth’s acknowledgment by the few deserving of • its lush. Riches of wisdom hidden in provocative • passages engineered to repulse with their unapologetic extravagance. • Performative secrets resist analysis by the uninitiated. Time • to go on. How immortal one moment spent • on stage—wasted on persuading strangers’ faces to • change—becomes this, becomes us, one’s fatal taste • of eternity before erased. Illusions fade. Nitrate film • explodes, celluloid only deteriorates. Youth never escapes, no • matter the frame rate. Now, wait. Pause not • to hesitate, but to divine what prey on • which to predate. Meditate. Mediate. Masturbate. Repeat. I • will be thinking of you, of course, during • my own Sadean exertions and whilst scribbling, now • that my hand’s strength has returned again! Of • all serpents—vile servants of verboten words, those • vindictive, chaotic, Satanic, sage scribblers of squiggled sigils, • magical creatures of old every culture fears, wriggling • wizards writhing in rites none dare defy by • describing as declining lest, in their unwinding attempts • at dividing the twined pythons, render useless the • caduceus they climb, robbing of significance the sign • and the signified, denying those original, primordial, tribal • magicians, those jewelled shamans writing oracles weighted in • shimmering scales, their ancient right—whose own calligraphic • tails a mystical meal theirs in eremitical famine • make fasting feel fated, feel full, taste real. • Take, for example, the green anaconda—dear, revered, • reverend trickster Eunectes murinus—who carries a name • which, per the faulty synthetic, arrhythmic, Romanticized Neo-Latin • of Eighteenth Century European taxonomy (then only a • burgeoning field of inquiry, applied even when colonizing • both sides of the Atlantic’s imperial coin of • war-minted shores, joining in its indefatigable reach two • incompatible sides of history, for worse), in its • ambiguous coinage means, simply, in a strictly poetical • sense (permitting your forgiveness, of course, of my • own choice of Englished words—this bastard’s language— • of an abundance of literary license in my • licentiousness), “strangler of mice.” (My work is a • chore, to be sure—no prison of short • •


sentences but extreme verbosity to endure.) A gift • of a maxim (from 1748) which bears unraveling, • for we—who are called weak—eat our • critics, you see. Pariahs who prevaricate as piranhas • do those fools of barracudas assuming too little • of our abilities too late. Swallow them whole • since they are all so small-minded. Searching for • El Dorado’s luminous pleasure when—already on the • treasure’s trail—cannot even find it. We who • need most the benefit of the doubt should • seek-out the meaning of these prejudices against us. • Greet each lie lined-up like criminals—fugitives piled • side-by-side, plying their pouts—to be treated to • a better mind’s more masterful disentanglement. For all • would reap much reward to see, in due • course, it is our ithyphallic divinity which threatens • manufactured masculinity. Too liberal, too libidinal, too liminal, • this power of our preference over what their • shame cannot take—that every trouser snake we • charm disarms in its wake their sleeping arsenal, • forces foes to retaliate for having exposed raw • their latent want of the same damned, dangling • thing. Tumescent, too present, too prescient, for those • whose ideas are yet too puerile, too pubescent. • Those for whom acceptance is yet nascent, repression’s • victim, since their denial is as obvious as • it is depressing. Moving on, then, from these • bottom-feeding adolescent man-children, how we go about growth • might be letting show this love we hold • close and in abeyance. Instead of treating it • and our Selves as an abhorrent abnegation, perhaps • the most challenging act will be the most • impactful, tracing out paths to destinies through exits • no one knows. Empathic dramatics opening curtains and • dressing-closet doors unforgiving herds want kept closed. Writing • our own script and living it, instead of • doing as we are told. Picking our own • clothes. Throwing-off childhoods of useless roles no longer • good for us anymore. Obliterating expectations by not • giving a shit about unsolicited opinions. This, then, • is my gift—if I may be bold.

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