Le Passe-muraille

Acetamenaces & ibuprophets
encapsulate the clowns taking up my
docket, chalk up the blokes choking out of

control my schedule’s total lack of all
motive, dousing over my passion’s flame
with dashes dour, milksour anodyne dripped

repetitions of asinine strain, slouch
slow toward no tomorrow my howl’s hours
endless resolve without fervour to prowl

around, prey upon, to mount, to maim, to
wound, to tower, to lower feigned standards
after ignoring others’ power, to

pore over inflated conflagrations
of needless anticipation with sprained
contention, sprung resentment peppering

this wicked affliction of embittered
business to burrow low within, to
inhibit us from intervention in

our abysmal, infinitesimal
destruction we end up witnessing galled,
hamfisted, and grinning, winning, perhaps,

but glistening with scalding butterballed
perspiration unworthy of its burn’s
exertion, effort worked neurotic, wrecked

nervous, racked impertinent, bled and shed
impetuous, on notions unbecoming
one so gifted, thus otherwise designed,

destined for, given to more fulfilling
purpose, so this world stumbles, discouraged
& scarred, passers through walls endure, art obscured.