Birdsong Against Copper Tears

Drop birdsong against copper tears,
after too long near its offer
of healing, its cure suffers one
doubt and all faith disappears. What

stopping mistreatment endears each
flapping of wing freedom veers
to avoid, to near, is weakness
gone, delicate degenerate

recomposed. How he perseveres,
by what route his path unfolds and
flows, two lips a stone’s throw from ears
unseal, blow out full abandon

melody to summon all fears
modesty preserves. Affliction

this is, then, truer the truth bears
repeating, that he who listens
to grievances aired stands to come
across life’s pieces which parrot

lies even princes tell themselves.
Believe what inside volunteers
itself to be sacrificed, feed
fire your flame ashes amulet

pain into stone with, prayer prepares
assimilate variations
of the same thing a king reveres.
With austerity clarion

and compelling, emboldened blares
of calm fall from towers bells dun.