Pre-Coital Post-Script

Thus, unless you make yourself equal to god, you cannot understand god; like is understood by like.
          —Corpus Hermeticum XI:201

                    Codex Lecti Fracti, folio 1, recto

P.S.—You live for as long • as your name is spoken, so • don’t even think of going, not • yet, stick it out, more of • a friend than a victim since • we met, points for participation postpone • a sudden end, to follow through • the desert of your sweating flesh, • a route of wells, bullet holes • or oases, guiding me swiftly as • •

                    Ibidem, folio 1, verso

lust does my lips to each • of your erogenous zones, dangerously thirsty, • fatally eager, for a sip pleasuring • you will drip like honey onto • my tongue, let me key my • Solomon, daddy my son, enough to • make us both stop stalling, stop • speaking, stop bawling, stop seeking what • we want in someone not so • qualified to satisfy the gluttony of • •

                    Ibidem, folio 2, recto

two heathen deities, David and Jonathan, • Uranian kings bent on getting straight, • gratification from pain, questioning each other • by breaking silence with sighs enquiring, • naming names of names, what angel • binds you, what angel thwarts you, • what angel compels you, what angel • helps you? how do we look • for lovers who don’t want to • be found? how is it I • •

                    Ibidem, folio 2, verso

always find love isn’t only something • that we do, but what we • decide is true? boss me around • with the name of god, take • turns moving from crude to cruel, • bound by no rules being our • only rule, why try to understand • the one from whose hand you • run when you can use him • to get the job done right?

1“Corpus Hermeticum XI: Mind to Hermes”, Paragraph 20, in Brian P. Copenhaver’s Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a new English translation, with notes and introduction, published at Cambridge by Cambridge University Press in 2002; page 41.