Reddened from the Violence of Fire

Light is the most difficult burden
to bear. When the voices of my fear
are louder even than the fire of
my loaned fury which draws near, darkness

feels more powerful than the healing
foretold by a soothsayer. Doctored
evidence serves to sever from this
nest, this distressing network of my

Self, its tendrils thick tentacles my
spilling of ink kills for as long as
a stranger attempts to handle what
I tell them to hold in their heads. This

tale I sell with my heart, woven with
words too liminal to know where in
the weathered borderland of my sin’s
wintered thoughts I parted with what was

in order to barter what will be for
what I want. What did I seek then to say?
Silence betrays remorse, reddened as
I am from the violence of flames.