Blinding the Oracle

                    i. Assay

That desire is prophecy motivates
     me to be wanted by you for

your pyromancy, sighting in the spit
     of flames vitriol and sulphur,

conjuring from two far too effusive
     negative influences the

spirited suggestion of a heaven
     scented positive answer, what

so many idiot others prior
     to my arrival, those smiling

and ravenous rivals of mine, followed
     blindly until its allure burned

whole every former suitor of yours
     whose lingering Before my own

disingenuous After abhors and
     prevents from returning for more,

scorches as it does with the sour, potent
     precedence of my powerful

pour, my pouting output of stark, darkly
     florid words which outperforms their

                    ii. Allay

efforts by scores of force no labouring
     apotropaic work can birth

protection against, censure, nor censor
     can endure, that these things are those

none can ignore, yes this truth hurts yet it
     renders pure sinners whose journey

to the source makes either far worse or worth
     ignoring once and for all, scarred

stars forever going forward hard in
     reverse, this thirst’s incurable

curse, this hunger of my heart not to be
     nursed but devoured by the one who

torched it first, starved vengeance must be nourished,
     only then will you see my tongue’s

offering was a pointed answer your
     quivering lips never should have

questioned, so now what do I want? to be
     remembered when what we had has

been forgotten, for what song was long pent
up unsaid to finally be written.