Constellations Hanging Stars Like Lanterns in the Borderlands of Horizons

                    i. On the Equator

Apparelled in webs of silver,
     gossamer guilt blistering with
     fingers of gold administers
     fire to mouths whose lips a secret
     other than their own hold, whispers

winter itself scolds an acre
     of smouldering wood for smoking
     over with clouds twilit breath greys
     toward before words can form there,
     onion skin thinner than bible

paper shadowed thicker, rendered
     if not invincible, better
     protected from the wicked by
     the wide wings of wayward angels,
     obfuscated saints with nameless

faces fading into distant
     places familiar only to
     strangers, mischief occulted by
     more thoughtful heroics glamour
     endangers when emboldened by

blizzarding swarms of roaring dawns
     mourning auroras, Pandoras
     pouring forth polluted chorus,
     outward forces no fervent prayer
     can constrain, no intent destroy,

                    ii. East of Taurus

leopard-footed laughter hunger
     opens a moment’s jaws just in
     time to devour the innocent,
     to throw off sparks the weapon of
     art, when mastered, thwarts in darker

performances more shameless than
     a brothel’s hot entertainments,
     constellations hanging stars like
     lanterns in the borderlands of
     horizons to blind those fools who

wander the underworld vain and
     aimlessly seeking after fame
     in the arms of shades outrageous
     partakers of pain kill with their
     siren calling, silent lethal

songs curtains fall hard on with all
     the softness of iron, belting
     out what Orion beats into
     proper alignment, pyramids
     of teeth stolen thunder whitens

with ferocities of lightning
     biting down on lies copper wire
     unravels its tendrils of flame
     to travel, enlightenment by
     way of example inspired madness.