Whispers Thicken Into Echoes

                    i. Head

Whispers thicken into echoes
those pulse-quickening promises
listened to in the shadows by
lovers whose necks go limp letting

nameless faces lick them. Phrases taint
tempting strangers taking them out—
saintly, even—these makers of
mirth wasting no time, whine whetting

thirst with moans their kind disavows
all knowledge of after you both
swallow. Tail hard to come by, whose
thighs denied tongues widen—divide,

even—taste you from inside, blow
your mind while finding what you hide.

                    ii. Tail

Whispers thicken into echoes
drops of breath whitened by light which
touches it—pools of sweat, of lies
your deepest secret regrets bleed

until your soul’s sore from dawn’s teeth
which bear down—bore into—what you’ve
bared for no one before. Wishing
your Self so unaware, again,

of what happened when—for no good
reason at all—you said to them
to take you as you are, let loose,
and eat your whole being—to ride

until hag-ridden flesh you chose
to no longer keep hidden. Why?